Elden Ring and Horizon Are on VR — For Now

With monthly players in the millions, it’s no surprise that Elden Ring now has VR capabilities. No, you didn’t miss a grand announcement. Elden Ring did not officially come out with a VR title, so Elden Ring VR is very unofficial. Similarly, Horizon: Zero Dawn has  Both of these VR mods are created by Luke Ross, the same person who made PC VR mods for other well-known and popular games like GTA V. Though the project is still unfinished, Ross has dedicated a lot of time to it, and it shows.

Elden Ring VR: Features and Bugs

Elden Ring is on almost every platform, but you can only play the VR version on PC as of right now. Still, Elden Ring VR has plenty of features to make it an enjoyable play. The mod is currently unfinished, so you may not see features to the same scope as Ross’s other mods out there. One of the biggest draws is that this VR version allows first-person play instead of strictly third.

However, it does have a controller-only input — which isn’t too bad if you’re used to playing Elden Ring in its official form. Luckily, the camera remains fixed no matter what. Even if your character rolls, the camera won’t spin inside your headset. You shouldn’t have to worry about motion sickness while playing Elden Ring VR and seeing the world in a new way.

You might see minor bugs like your helmet clipping through the camera, but the numerous features make up for small issues. One of the biggest draws is the tourist option.  In this mode, enemies don’t attack you, making it a great way to see the fictional world. 

VR games only came into the mainstream spotlight around a decade ago, so for Ross to make mods of all these games without VR compatibilities is no small feat. You can expect even more as the mod gets fleshed out over time.

How Much Is Elden Ring VR?

Once again, Elden Ring VR is not an official VR title. You won’t be able to go through any store to get it. To access the files, you need to sign up and become a member of Ross’s Patreon. For $10 a month, you can become a member and access the VR mod that fans are raving about. Then, you can play to your heart’s content and wait for updates.

If you don’t want to play the mod, you might have to wait until an official release comes out — if it ever does. Through using Steam’s capabilities, you can play Elden Ring on your phone, but you won’t get the same VR experience. If you’re looking for something new, try your favorite game using Luke Ross’s excellent mod.

Pick Up Elden Ring VR and Horizon VR Today

Over time, these projects may be built to be more complex and have more features. For what they are, you can tell that creator Luke Ross has put so much love and effort into them. Who knows how long these excellent VR creations will stay up, though? To get Elden Ring VR and Horizon VR, you should support the creator as soon as possible. With over 12 million sales worldwide, Elden Ring is quickly becoming a popular game — so why not experience it in a brand-new way?