Elder Scrolls: Online Update 20 Adds New Home Decorating Tools

Alongside the recent release of the Murkmire DLC for The Elder Scrolls: Online, ZeniMax Online Studios also released Update 20. This major Elder Scrolls: Online update brings a variety of different changes. Some of the more notable are changes to the game’s Alliance War mode, but it also brings some new features to the home decorating mechanics.

Elder Scrolls: Online Update 20’s Changes to Home Decorating

These new tools were detailed in a recent news post on the official Elder Scrolls: Online website. The first new feature is an undo and redo function, something which fans have been requesting for a while; “The new undo and redo function allows you to instantly revert or restore a change you’ve made while furnishing your home,” says ZeniMax Online Studios; “While home decorating, you can now undo and redo up to 200 steps back during a single session, meaning you can rewind your work back to almost any previous state. The undo function will even return furnishings to your inventory for you.”

Home Decorating Improvements Come With Update 20

The second new feature is an item linking function, which allows players to select multiple items at once. You will no longer have to move a set of items one at a time. Instead, you will now be able to link items together in order to move them as an entire arrangement. This way, you can place them exactly as they were in a new location; “Previously, when moving a scene,” continues ZeniMax; “you had to move each individual item one-by-one, but now, you can select a ‘parent’ item and link it to up to 50 ‘child’ items, allowing you to move all of them at once. You can even select those ‘children’ and link more objects to them, making sub-groups for ease of editing.”

The last change is a new “History” list which appears as you make changes to your in-game home. This list displays all of the actions you have taken recently, helping you to be sure of what you have and haven’t done.