EmuParadise Removes All ROMs to Avoid Legal Trouble After Recent Nintendo Lawsuit

Major ROM site EmuParadise has removed all ROMs from its website, effective immediately. This comes soon after the recent news of Nintendo filing a lawsuit against two similar sites, LoveROMs and LoveRETRO. The site is still available and you can visit it right now but without the benefit of being able to download many retro games, many of which came from Nintendo.

EmuParadise revealed this major change for the site in a recent blog. Fans of the community that the website has created need not worry, as it seems that according to the post from the site founder, no lawsuits have been brought against the company. In fact, this huge move was made in order to avoid any potential legal trouble in the future from Nintendo or any other gaming company.

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The blog post is lengthy, detailing a brief history of EmuParadise and how it has encountered trouble over the years. According to the post, the site has dealt with similar issues to that of what happened recently with the lawsuit. Apparently, it has faced threatening letters, sudden server shutdowns, takedown requests, and so on.

However, EmuParadise founder noted in the letter to the community that a lot of good has come from running the site for more than 18 years. The site has received thankful letters from users who were stationed overseas in the military, were happy to share their childhood games with the next generation, those who found solace in the ROMs after losing a loved one, and many more.

The removal of all ROMs from¬†EmuParadise doesn’t spell the end for the site entirely. It will continue to run, keeping the community it has created going and continuing to offer emulators for download. The founder of the site notes that the community will help decide where the site is headed in the future.