Enhanced Edition Mod for Witcher III Offers Total Overhaul of Combat

CD Projekt Red has released numerous patches and updates to improve The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. The 1.61 update, released recently, implemented HDR support for the PS4 Pro. While that update also had some bugs, the company is already working on another patch to fix the issue. However, most of CD Projekt Red’s updates have focused on graphical improvements. Some fans of the game have long been working on a mod of their own, entitled the “Enhanced Edition,” which aims at completely reworking the game’s combat system.

While the Witcher III’s combat system is very flashy, and more in-depth than many other RPGs, some fans are clearly not satisfied. The Enhanced Edition changes the combat system from the ground up. The mod is definitely designed for players who use a keyboard and mouse rather than a controller. It implements close, medium, and long-range attacks. It also makes it easier for Geralt to maneuver around the battlefield.

The Enhanced Edition removes level scaling for all of the game’s enemies. Instead, every enemy has predetermined stats that do not change as you level up. Moreover, enemy combat styles are much more varied, meaning that every human enemy will not necessarily utilize the same pattern of attacks. As a result, the game’s enemies are decidedly more dangerous. The stamina meter doesn’t refill so quickly now, making close combat less about mashing buttons, while new animations for applying oils and drinking potions make it harder to use them safely in the midst of battle.

The Enhanced Edition also makes changes to meditation, alchemy, and signs. While the mod has been available for some time, the creators have recently released the latest and final version; version 3.0. It is also a very small download – the total size is only 56.9 megabytes. Anybody interested can download the mod for free over at NexusMods.