Epic Games Announces Massive Fortnite Ban Wave, Here Is How To Avoid It

The next Fortnite ban wave could potentially affect millions of players. Epic Games has recently announced it and players need to be careful. The worst thing about the ban is that it could affect many clueless players.

As many players are already aware, Epic recently released Creative 2.0. This game-changing update is amazing, but it can cause a lot of trouble. Due to it, players can also receive permanent account bans.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest ban wave in Fortnite. We will also explain how you can avoid it and why Epic Games is doing it.

The next Fortnite ban wave will result in many permanent bans

Shortly after Epic released Creative 2.0, many creators used its new features to create unique maps. Thanks to this update, players can now import custom 3D models. However, they have to be very careful while doing this.

There are a lot of copyright-protected 3D models online and players are not allowed to use them in their maps. The copyright law is very strict and Epic Games has to protect the intellectual properties of other companies.

Fortnite ban wave
The next ban wave will result in many permanent bans (Image via Epic Games)

Here is what the game developer posted on its official blog post:

Those who create violating content in UEFN – even if they never intend to publish it in Fortnite – or share violating content on social media, will face content takedowns and enforcement actions, up to and including permanent account bans.

It’s important to note that there is nothing Epic Games can do about this limitation. The company cannot allow Fortnite players to use intellectual property from other creators as it would be held liable in a court of law. Due to this, Epic cannot allow its players to use anything else but copyright-free material and their custom models.