Epic Games Is Finally Adding A Much Needed Feature to Fortnite

Epic Games has released hundreds of updates for Fortnite Battle Royale since its release in 2017. These updates are a big reason why the game has become so popular and that is why the game developer has no intention of stopping them. The development team has announced a big feature that is coming to Fortnite with the next update.

When the v17.20 update comes out, Fortnite players will be able to fully automate their loadout order. This is something that players have been asking for a few years now, and it is finally making its way to the game!

The new Fortnite feature will make the game much faster

At the moment, Fortnite players do not have a lot of settings regarding their loadout or inventory. At one point in Chapter 1, Epic Games added a feature which allowed players to automatically switch consumables to the right (the fifth) spot in the loadout. Considering that nearly every player carries consumables in this spot, this was useful. However, players have asked for more inventory customization features, and they are finally coming to the game.

New Fortnite feature is coming soon.
New Fortnite feature is coming soon.

Epic Games has announced the preferred item slots with the in-game news screen. The developer revealed this feature was ready to be released with an upcoming update. Considering that most updates come out on Tuesdays, we might get the new feature on July 20. “Looting in the heat of battle? Have no fear, Preferred Item Slots are near. In the next update, use this new setting to assign each inventory slot to a Weapon or Item Type,” is the in-game description of the upcoming feature.

After the update goes live, Fortnite players will be able to fully customize slots of their loadout. For example, most players prefer carrying an assault rifle in the first slot, and that is what this feature will automatize for them. Players will be able to designate inventory slots for specific type of items that will be slotted automatically. At the moment, the game slots items from left to right according to the order they were picked up in. When the feature comes out, the slotting process will be different as each player will be able to customize it.

Specific examples

In the current state of the game, if a player picks up a shotgun, an assault rifle, and a sniper rifle, they will be slotted from left to right, taking the first three slots of the inventory. The only way players can change the order of the items is by opening the inventory and switching the items manually.

The game will be much faster with the new feature.
The game will be much faster with the new feature.

However, with the new feature, players will be able to designate their preferred slots for each item. So if they want a shotgun in the second slot, it will be automatically put in this slot no matter if players pick it up at the very start of the game or in the latter stages.

The feature will make the game much faster as players won’t have to manually manage their items.