Epic Games Offers Another Cache of Free Goodies After Lengthy Server Downtime

Recently, Fortnite was caught up in a pretty nasty outage that found players unable to play for over 24 hours. It was pretty frustrating having to continually check for updates on when the servers would come back up, but it looks like putting up with all that hassle has paid off for players. It shouldn’t matter that much anyway when it comes to a free game, but it was still a pretty irritating ordeal.

Luckily, Epic Games is all about keeping fans happy, and as a token of the company’s apology for the server problems, they’re giving away some more awesome loot for free this week. Last week, Epic handed out free backpacks to players, and today’s your last day to pick it up if you want to nab it for your own. You can find it in the Item Shop, so make sure you pick it up if you want to add it to your inventory.

This week’s bonus comes in the form of 20 Battle Stars, which will automatically be assigned to you as soon as you log into the game. You essentially get what amounts to two whole tiers upward of game progression (to level up), which amounts to something even better than cosmetic items, if you think about it. The higher your Season Tier, remember, the better cosmetics you can get.

So make sure you hop online and nab that loot, since Epic was nice enough to send it out to you. Then be sure to get some play in Tilted Towers in, because you never know if those meteors falling from the sky are going to end up taking it all away from us. It’s still very much a mystery.