Epic Games receives $2 Billion for Metaverse Project

Something big just happened for gaming in the metaverse. Epic Games has increased its value to over $31 billion, thanks to generous donations from Sony and Kirkbi. The latter is the parent company of The LEGO Group, and Sony has been an investor in Epic Games for a while. Together, their contribution totaled $2 billion, all going toward Epic Games’ metaverse gaming endeavors.

Epic Games is well-known for Fortnite, a top-rated game played by children worldwide. As such, their mission revolves mainly around making the metaverse a welcoming and supportive place for children who play games.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, wants to make a fun place for creatives to build a community in the metaverse. With this new goal and massive fundraising achievement, Epic Games will be changing the way the metaverse looks at games.

What Does This Mean for Epic Games in Metaverse Gaming?

Epic Games is based out of Cary, North Carolina. Tim Sweeney was once the sole proprietor of the company, being the only person behind the company, and he still retains over 50% of its shares today. This is even after its employees total thousands. 

Now, it’s a large corporation, most famously known for Fortnite’s massive success. Fortnite alone has over 350 million accounts within the game, and it’s instantly recognizable to almost everyone who knows something about gaming. This fact won’t change as metaverse gaming emerges.

If you don’t know what the metaverse is, it’s a movement toward the next generation of internet interactivity, relying on virtual reality and other forms of immersion to enthrall users. In the future, the metaverse will be the go-to place to learn about diverse topics. You may even be able to experience traveling to new locations from the comfort of your living room. 

Because it’ll be such a hub for entertainment and fun, kids will look to it as a place to game. Epic Games is determined to make metaverse gaming a kid-friendly space, full of games that can help them grow into well-rounded, compassionate individuals.

Since a new generation of gamers will likely grow up playing games in the metaverse, it has to ensure that it’s providing just as much value as regular video games.

Just as parents who grew up with NES graphics marvel at the Nintendo Switch, young adults and teenagers today will love the changes that the metaverse brings as they get older. Metaverse gaming will welcome everyone, no matter their age, to play new games and likely nostalgic titles. 

Since Epic Games has taken a stance to make the metaverse an excellent way for kids to play video games in the future, its rivals will likely start to fundraise for their own metaverse goals, too. Competitivity can drive companies to do great things and further the success of the metaverse while improving the world.

Epic Games’ move toward fundraising for the metaverse opens the door for more video game companies to follow their own missions into the next generation of gaming.

Revolutionizing Gaming in the Metaverse, One Step at a Time

Though the metaverse may seem far off, companies are advancing toward it every day. Epic Games is just one of quite a few companies working toward a metaverse that welcomes everyone and promotes both safety and fun. Gaming in the metaverse will be a completely different experience than you’re familiar with, surpassing virtual reality as you know it now.