Exclusive Content Coming to Marvel’s Avengers on PS4

One of the highlights of E3 during the Square Enix event was the Marvel’s Avengers reveal. The game is going to release on all major platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. But as it turns out, if you will be playing Marvel’s Avengers on your PS4, you can look forward to some special exclusive content.

PS4 Gamers Can Look Forward to Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Content

According to Crystal Dynamics, the publisher and developer of Marvel’s Avengers, gamers on PS4 can expect to enjoy some “special surprises” and “unique benefits.” We know almost nothing about what these could include. But we do know that early beta access will be part of it. That much is confirmed. But that certainly is just a hint of what is in store.

So gamers have proposed many theories as to what the exclusive PS4 content for Marvel’s Avengers could be. One idea is that the benefits will be cosmetic in nature, and will have no direct impact on how the game plays. Another possibility is that along with early beta access, gamers on PS4 could also get early access to downloadable content later.

A third possibility concerns the fact that Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive video game series. Given that, it seems like Spider-Man as an exclusive hero for PS4 gamers in an Avenger’s game would make sense. While cosmetic benefits or early DLC access would be nice, they would not be nearly as earth-shaking as exclusive access to Spider-Man. Of course, this could just be wishful thinking, considering what a big deal it would be.

So as we wait to find out what the exclusive benefits for PS4 gamers will be, you’ll want to check out our E3 preview of Marvel’s Avengers. In that article, we share our impressions of the cinematics, gameplay and overall design and aesthetic of the game based on what we saw during E3. There are some plusses and some minuses to go over. But on the whole, it is a game that we are looking forward to, as you probably are.

If more news comes out regarding what the PS4 “surprises” and “benefits” will be for Marvel’s Avengers, we’ll update you right away. So keep checking back with us between now and the game’s May 15th release date. And don’t forget to take advantage of your early beta access!