Fafnir’s Storeroom: How to Complete Sindri’s Favor in God of War

Among God of War’s many quest-givers are two dwarf brothers Brok and Sindri. These two vendors give Kratos a number of different side-quests during the course of the game, and the rewards they offer are usually worth acquiring. (Indeed, one of Brok’s quests leads players to God of War’s Infinity Gauntlet Easter egg.) One of Sindri’s earlier side-quests, “Fafnir’s Storeroom”, involves Kratos seeking out a whetstone in the hoard of a dragon.

You can first get the Fafnir’s Storeroom quest around the time that you travel to Alfheim for the first time. Sindri will happen to mention to you that he had a friend who owned a whetstone of great value; a whetstone that Sindri now desires. To find it, you will need to seek out the storeroom of the dwarf-turned-dragon Fafnir. Although the dragon doesn’t appear in this quest, you can find him elsewhere in God of War and free him from imprisonment.

Delving into Fafnir’s Storeroom

To find the storeroom, you’ll need to head northwest across the Lake of Nine, to an area called Fafnir’s Ravine. The Ravine is located midway between Asgard Tower and Forgotten Caverns, directly beneath the head of Jormungandr. When you land on the beach you can loot some containers and also look for a nearby crane; one of Odin’s Ravens is perched on its tip. Once you enter the cave, Atreus can shoot a crystal, creating a bridge to one of Sindri’s shops. Note that another of Odin’s Ravens can be spotted above the shop.

From the shop, head into a tunnel through to an open, forested area. Yet another one of Odin’s Ravens can be seen in a tree nearby. You’ll face a handful of Draugr in this area. Kill them, and climb a hill in the northwest part of the area. Here, you will find a Nornir Chest, and a fourth Raven can be seen above the entrance to the storeroom. To open the chest, you will need to ring three bells. Two are simply hanging around the chest, while the third is at the top of a nearby waterfall. The chest contains a Horn of Blood Mead.

Once you arrive at the main entrance to the storeroom, you will find the way sealed. To enter, you’ll need to find a secret passage located behind the waterfall. Follow that path until you reach the storeroom’s central area, where you can spot a fifth Raven, near the ceiling. In the main area, Atreus can find the Don’t Blink treasure map.

The Five Chambers

From the central hub, you will be able to access five different chambers. The first room contains a couple of Draugr enemies. The second contains slightly harder enemies; two Reavers and a Viken. The third chamber holds two Revenants. Room number four is filled with Wolves, but also contains a coffin containing World Serpent scale fragments and Svartalfheim steel.

The fifth room appears to be empty, save for a legendary chest which contains a Wrath of the Frost Ancient light runic attack. Here, you will speak to a reaver spirit, before facing down two Ogres.

Upon returning to the wooded area, you will find more Draugr and a Forest Ancient, which drops a Seidr Sigil of Toughness enchantment, along with additional loot. From here, return to Sindri to complete the Favor. He will reward you with a Talisman of Betrayal, which allows you to temporarily slow down time while aiming with Kratos’ axe.