Fallout 4: New Vegas Team Show Off Newly Redesigned Sawed-Off Shotgun

Fallout 4: New Vegas is one of the largest Fallout 4 mods currently in development. The team behind the project have even received the official backing of Bethesda, and have a sizeable community of supporters. To cater to that community, the team post regular progress updates about their work.  Their latest update offers fans their first look at a new weapon redesign; that of the game’s Sawed-Off Shotgun.

The Fallout 4: New Vegas Sawed-Off Shotgun Redesign

The Fallout 4: New Vegas team have offered fans a glimpse at several weapon redesigns so far, including the 10mm Submachine Gun and the Varmint Rifle. The latest is a similar retro firearm; “A Laser Rifle is a wonderfully complex weapon,” states the latest update from the team; “A marvel of advanced energy weapons technology, it can be modified to fill countless roles, and with the right parts can be anything from a trusty sidearm to a devastating long-range sniper weapon… But sometimes, you just need to keep things nice and simple. Uncomplicated. You need a weapon that excels in its given role, and can be trusted to do so no matter what. And for times like that, nothing rocks in close quarters like the Sawed-Off Shotgun.”

The Fallout 4 New Vegas Team Show Off Their Sawed-Off Shotgun

The gorgeously redesigned Sawed-Off-Shotgun is a single-handed firearm with considerable punch, even though it lacks for range. The redesign is the work of Painter2099, a member of the Fallout 4: New Vegas 3D Team; “This beauty is a fusion of the original Fallout 3 Sawed-Off Shotgun,” explains the update; “the version included in Fallout: New Vegas, as well as Adam Adamowicz’s original concept art”. The weapon boasts undeniable detail, with a weathered wood finish and even a small adornment beneath the trigger. The update describes it as the “ultimate melee weapon,” and the description makes sense, for few firearms pack the same kind of firepower as the Sawed-Off Shotgun; certainly, there’s few things a player wants to hand more when dealing with a charging Super Mutant.