Fallout 76 Players Can Now Venture to The Pitt

Looking for a change in scenery from Appalachia? In Fallout 76, Expeditions are now live. You may now take a trip to The Pitt. If you played Fallout 3, you remember this location from The Pitt add-on, a brief but satisfying adventure to an atmospheric post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh. In this post, we will explain how you can pay The Pitt a visit in Fallout 76.

Here is How to Get to The Pitt in Fallout 76

Bethesda introduced The Pitt on September 13th in Fallout 76 as the first Expedition in the game. If you want to lead an Expedition to The Pitt, you will need to begin by charging the Vertibird Ultracite battery cell to full. Alternately, you can join another player’s Expedition to The Pitt, and they can take care of the battery charging.

Don’t know how to charge the battery? Go to Whitespring resort, and grab three daily quests for the Responders. Options include:

  • A Refugee’s Guide
  • Recipe for Success
  • Mutual Aid Quest
  • Code Blue

You do not need to complete them all. Any three will do! You will then be able to charge the battery.

After the battery is fully charged, check the top of the map for the Expeditions icon. You will be able to choose a Mission and access The Pitt.

You do not need to complete an entire Expedition to The Pitt in one go. If you desire, you can exit back to the main map at a checkpoint, and then return to the Pitt later.

What You Can Do at The Pitt

There are currently two Missions available when you are at The Pitt. The first is called Union Dues. The leader of a Union Local chapter named Hex will tell you how you can sabotage some Fanatic Raiders who have taken over a steel mill called The Foundry. Once you get rid of them, the Union can take the Foundry back.

The second Mission is called From Ashes to Fire. In this mission, you are helping to free Union members who have been captured by Fanatics, after which you “raise mayhem within Sanctum to hit the Fanatics where it hurts.” To start this quest, talk to Danilo.

To keep Missions fun and fresh, the game randomizes three objectives on each playthrough, and also offers you optional objectives for additional rewards.

Bethesda could not have chosen a more exciting location for the first of its Expeditions. We can’t wait to see what Expeditions we get to go on next. But for now, The Pitt should provide plenty of exploration, action and rewards to keep players busy. There is always the possibility that Bethesda could end up expanding on what is available at The Pitt as well.

Fallout 76 initially had a troubled launch. But the general consensus is that the game has improved tremendously since launch, and is now well worth playing. Keep up with our Fallout news section for future updates on Fallout 76 as well as any leaks or rumors about upcoming games in the Fallout franchise.