Fallout Shelter Exceeds Total Lifetime Revenue of $90m

Bethesda first launched Fallout Shelter in September of 2015, shortly before the launch of the last major Fallout title. The mobile game was an immediate hit. It played a major part in the studio’s pre-release marketing for Fallout 4. Now, it has emerged that the total lifetime Fallout Shelter revenue has exceeded $90 million, a massive figure to have generated in just three years.

Fallout Shelter Revenue Since September 2015

The new figures were revealed in a recent update from Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. According to the site, the game’s revenue has returned to the highest point since the game’s initial launch; quite likely benefiting from the renewed interest in Fallout which has been apparent in other retail markets since the announcement of Fallout 76. On the 15th of June, earlier this year, total spending hit $212,000. The game’s highest recorded spending was when the game launched; on the 14th of September, 2015, player spending reached $237,000.

Fallout Shelter Launched in September of 2015

Unsurprisingly, the highest-spending country for Fallout Shelter has been the US. Close to 59% of the game’s total revenue has been generated in the country. When comparing the figures by mobile device, revenue splits very evenly. 49% of revenue has come from iOS devices, while 51% came from Android devices. Sensor Tower founder Oliver Yeh stated of the current revenue; “At its current pace, we project that Fallout Shelter revenue on mobile will reach a gross total of $100 million before the end of 2018. … Bethesda is set to leverage three years’ worth of experience marketing the game for its impending launch of Elder Scrolls: Blades on iOS and Android later this year.”

Elder Scrolls: Blades will be Bethesda’s next big mobile release; their first since the release of Fallout Shelter. Given that the game will be the first Elder Scrolls title available on mobile devices, and the new features marketed by Bethesda; the game is very likely to do well.