Fans Await Madden 19 Roster Update As Game Rejects Khalil Mack Trade

EA Sports’ Madden 19 roster update should be coming in the near future. The 2018 NFL season is under a week away. As football fans await the first Sunday, many teams and players have also made moves including trades, signings, or retirements. For example, the New England Patriots’ receiver Eric Decker officially retired.

There’s also the recent Khalil Mack trade, which reportedly will not work when gamers attempt it on Madden 19 right now. This past weekend, in the real NFL, Mack was dealt from the Oakland Raiders to the Chicago Bears. The move took a lot of fans by surprise and there have been arguments about who got the better side of the deal. In the new Madden game, the trade is actually getting rejected, according to a report at Clutch Points.

Even Madden won’t let you make the Khalil Mack trade 😂

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As seen in the screenshot above (via @12upsport), the Khalil Mack trade won’t go through in Madden 19. Not only that, but the interest level meter reflects that the Raiders (in the video game) didn’t think the Bears offered enough for Mack. In the real NFL, the trade involved a pair of future first-round draft picks and a future third-round pick going to the Oakland Raiders. In exchange, the Bears received a future second-round pick and defensive star Khalil Mack.

Madden 19 Roster Updates Needed for NFL Season

Even though this particular move doesn’t work right now, it’s expected that it will be reflected in the Madden 19 roster update. There are other moves that need to be made for the game. That includes the Dallas Cowboys’ recent cut of kicker Dan Bailey and the Denver Broncos’ grabbing quarterback Kevin Hogan from waivers. That move took place after Denver released QB Paxton Lynch.

As for when the Madden 19 roster update will occur, that’s still unknown. Monday is the Labor Day holiday. Fans have been anxiously asking about it on Twitter. EA Sports and Madden are also continuing to deal with the tragedy that struck at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. They recently announced a $1 million relief fund for the victims as part of their efforts.

App Trigger indicated that the NFL’s regular season starts on Thursday (Sept. 6), so fans will want those final 53-man rosters to use with teams. The website speculates that the roster update will arrive before Thursday’s opener involving the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons.

EA Sports released Madden 19 about a month ago for Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Windows-based PCs.