Could Far Cry 5 Include an Appearance by Bigfoot?

While most players are busy getting to grips with Far Cry 5, some gamers have already started hunting for Easter eggs within Ubisoft’s open-world title.

Far Cry 5 would not be the first game in recent years to include hidden appearances of Bigfoot. Indeed, Grand Theft Auto V included the creature as an Easter egg which took players months to find and solve. Set in a mountainous, rural region of America, the game would certainly be geographically appropriate for Bigfoot to appear.

Is Bigfoot in Far Cry 5?

The first hint that the creature might be hidden somewhere in Far Cry 5 is on one of the game’s information boards. The board seems to be the work of an in-game hunter seeking out the creature; covered with newspaper clippings, photographs, and strings pinned across a map of Hope County. One of the headlines reads “Bigfoot Sighted,” while another states “Local Expert Claims Regional Sasquatch Sightings Are REAL.”

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The state of Montana itself has almost no notable history of purported Bigfoot sightings apart from one rather unfortunate incident. In August of 2012, a Montana man by the name of Randy Lee Tenley attempted to perpetrate a Bigfoot hoax. His ill-advised plan came to an end when he was hit by a car and killed while dressed in a ghillie suit. Speaking to reporters about the incident, Lt. Col. Butch Huseby of the Montana Highway Patrol said, “This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Really.”

Given the tone of Far Cry 5, the board could simply be a reference to real-world individuals who actively hunt such folkloric creatures in the USA. However, there is some evidence that the developers at least considered the possibility of including Bigfoot in the game. Players of the game’s Arcade mode have claimed to have seen a Bigfoot model in Far Cry 5’s map editor. Of course, models that were never used may exist in the game files. If the developers did create such a model, though, it does lend credence to the notion that Bigfoot may appear somewhere in Hope County.