New Far Cry New Dawn Screenshots Highlight Mutated Animals

Far Cry New Dawn is due to release in just over a month’s time, yet Ubisoft hasn’t shown much of the upcoming game to fans so far; only one trailer released during the Game Awards. Today, however, Ubisoft released four new screenshots from New Dawn, showcasing some of the game’s mutated fauna and impressive, overgrown landscapes.

Far Cry New Dawn Bow Aim

The New Far Cry New Dawn Screenshots: Mossy Animals and Overgrown Ruins

What’s immediately clear is that this will not be a simple return to the Hope County which players are familiar with. Even if the topography remains mostly the same (certainly not a guaranteed thing); the game’s setting looks to have been vastly changed by the nuclear fallout and subsequent superbloom. Hope County isn’t just seeing a resurgence in plant life, however; the wildlife appears to be more populous than ever, but significantly different to the fauna of Far Cry 5.

Far Cry New Dawn Mossy Bison

Where before, Hope County was home to bears, turkeys, deer, and other animals; the Hope County of Far Cry New Dawn has a whole host of strange mutated animals. The new screenshots highlight the pink-antlered albino deer which appeared in the trailer, along with a new buffalo-like animal with thick mossy plant growths all across its fur. Interestingly, this mossy, plant-like appearance seems to be shared among several animals; one of the new screenshots reveals another new animal. It resembles a cougar or mountain lion of some sort, having just brought down one of the albino deer.

Far Cry New Dawn Albino Deer

The strange predator’s body and fur seems to be covered with lichen and moss, as well as strange, bluish-green growths. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but they could be fungus of some sort, calcified bone, or even scales. Perhaps most interestingly, the beast appears to be glowing from a patch on its belly, just below its head; an orange light shines from within its body and illuminates the ground around it. Certainly, it looks as though players who liked hunting in Far Cry 5 will have plenty of new and unusual game to go after in this upcoming instalment!