FIFA 19 Roster Will Add Usain Bolt, Per EA Sports Source

The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt will join the FIFA 19 roster in the future. That’s the latest word from EA Sports as Bolt is preparing to continue his transition from the track to the field. One club is already giving him an audition and if he continues to perform well, it could mean signing a deal. That could also give EA a good reason to add him to the roster along with FIFA 19’s top players.

Why is Usain Bolt joining FIFA 19 roster?

Bolt is already a world-class Olympic athlete. He’s won nine Olympic gold medals over the span of his legendary track career. He also holds world records in a variety of events including the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 4×100 meter relays. However, he’s retired from that aspect of his sports career and has now moved on to football/soccer.

He trained with the Dortmund team in Germany but they chose not to add him to their roster. Bolt is now on loan for the Australian club Central Coast Mariners. While he’s working on improving his overall game, the world’s fastest man scored two goals in the team’s win several days ago against MacArthur South West United.

As Bolt continues his trial with the team, it could ultimately result in him getting signed by Central Coast. That would bring Usain Bolt into the FIFA 19 roster as a playable star in the game. Even if unsigned, he could also join the game as a free agent.

When is Usain Bolt’s FIFA 19 roster availability?

There is currently no official date for Usain Bolt’s FIFA 19 roster availability. However, EA Sports has confirmed that if signed, he will be part of the game in a future update. According to Goal’s report, an EA Sports source mentioned the particulars when speaking to Fox Sports Asia.

“If Usain is picked up by the Central Coast Mariners then he will automatically be included in the winter update or the next major update.”

The EA Sports source not only confirmed that he’ll be included should Central Coast sign him, but they also said he would “be the fastest player in the game.” That would put him above Premier League player Adama Traore who has a 96 Pace ranking him as fastest in the game. The speculation is Bolt’s Pace would be around 99 for that particular skill. That’s no surprise, but one has to wonder where his other skill ratings will be.

For now, gamers can pick up FIFA 19 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and prepare themselves for the possible arrival of Usain Bolt.