FIFA 19 Skill Moves: How To Do Neymar’s Rainbow Flick, Knee Juggling In FIFA 19

Out on the pitch, various footballers have their own trademark moves frequently on display. With these trick plays, they’re able to elude defenders, get down the field and score easier goals. For example, there’s Iniesta’s La Croqueta and also Neymar’s Rainbow Flick. Both of these are available as FIFA 19 skill moves to use in the video game. Here’s how to do Neymar’s Rainbow Flick in FIFA 19 as well as a look at how to do knee juggling.

FIFA 19 Skill Moves: Neymar’s Rainbow Flick

The Rainbow Flick is a player-specific move in FIFA 19 in that only Neymar Jr. can pull this one off. It’s a flashy move and very useful for getting by a number of defenders at once. Basically, it has the Brazilian footballer dribbling before he comes to a quick halt with the ball between his feet. He then flicks the ball up overhead from behind to toss it in front of himself on the field. It’s a very cool trick for the FIFA 19 TOTY representative.

fifa 19 skills move neymar rainbow flick

So how do you do Neymar’s Rainbow Flick move in FIFA 19? Simply use the Right Stick (RS) on your controller. On the PlayStation 4 controller, flick RS back and then forward twice. The same goes for the Xbox One controller. Flick RS back and then forward two times to pull off the flashy move.

What’s even cooler is that you can pair this move up with a pass or shot. That opensĀ up some creative options in the game for setting up a teammate on the pitch or scoring a sick goal with Neymar!

FIFA 19 Skills Moves Bonus: Knee Juggling

Another FIFA 19 Skills move to use in the game is the knee juggling. This move is a fun one to play around with and while it looks like showing off at times, it may also be helpful in some situations. Knee juggling is just as it sounds, as you’ll use your player to juggle ball knee-to-knee. It’s a good way to keep the ball away from defenders trying to swipe it from you on the ground.

fifa 19 knee juggling skill move

To do knee juggling in FIFA 19, you’ll also use the Right Stick on the PS4 or Xbox One controller. Simply press RS repeatedly on the controller. Your player should bounce the ball from knee to knee in a juggling style move.

Any player can perform this move in the game. Not only can you do the move while standing still, but also while on the run. Just keep pressing RS on the controller as you’re moving forward and you’ll see the knee juggling as you sprint down the field.

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