FIFA 19 Team Of The Group Stage Cards Released In FUT Packs For UEFA League Players

With UEFA Champions League and Europa League games going on, EA Sports has involved FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team aspect of the game. Based on team performances in the league’s group stages, certain players are getting recognition in the game. Just recently, EA showed off their top players for the two leagues’ competitions. The players are officially available through packs. Here’s a further look at the FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage representatives which are part of EA’s UEFA Road to the Final campaign.

FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage players revealed

The FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage cards for UCL and UEL are now available for gamers to get in the FUT packs. They include some of the best players in the game too, such as high-rated FIFA stars Lionel Messi (95), Neymar (94), and Gareth Bale (89). There are a total of 15 players for UEFA Champions League and six players for UEFA Europa League.

Other notable stars on the Champions League team include David de Rea (92), Jordi Alba (88), and Christian Eriksen (90). There’s even a 90-rated Hummels now available. EA shared the tweet below showing off which players are representing each of the Team of the Group Stage squads.

FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage: Europa League, additional cards

An 86-rated Sokratis heads up the Europa League’s squad. He’s joined by Lo Celso (83), Havertz (82), Tsygankov (82), Loftus-Cheek (81), and Dabbur (81). One thing gamers quickly pointed out is that there are only six players for the Europa League, rather than seven. However, an 84-rated Marco Parolo is now a Weekly Objective for players to achieve on FIFA 19 making it seven players.

Gamers can earn Parolo (untradeable) by using Italian players to score in eight different Rivals wins. That will result in the Team of the Tournament (TOTT) Marco Parolo card. As seen below, he has 80 or better Shooting, Dribbling, Defense, and Physicality skills.

Among the other comments from gamers are suggestions of other player snubs. For example, there are no players representing the Porto, Frankfurt, and/or Dortmund clubs available in these packs. In addition, some people may feel that Manchester City’s Aymeric Laporte was robbed of a spot on the team.

Keep in mind, they may also make other players available in the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or the Daily and Weekly Objectives. So it’s entirely possible some of these snubbed players will find their way into the packs in the near future.

Gamers now have just one week to pick up these FIFA 19 Team of the Group cards. They’ll be available up until Friday, December 14, 2018, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time (6 p.m. UK time). After that, many people are looking forward to the possibility of a FIFA 19 FUTMAS promotion, so stay tuned.

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