FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Goals Contest Gives Chance to Meet Lingard, Dybala, or De Bruyne

In the FIFA 19 game, players can score some rather unique and exciting goals with some of the tops stars from the football field. Some goals are simply amazing, depending on the player one controls. There was also some unrealistic goal scoring in the game, but that has since been fixed via a FIFA 19 update. Now, there’s also a UEFA Champions League Goals contest in which gamers have a shot to possibly meet one of three stars from the game.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Goals Recreated

EA issued a challenge for star players Kevin De Bruyne, Jesse Lingard, and Paulo Dybala. They’ve agreed that if gamers score it in the game, they will make it happen on the field. That’s the premise of the contest, as gamers will be trying to score unique, clever, and creative goals using these particular players. Once they get that mindblowing goal recorded, gamers can send them in for a chance at winning a sweet prize.

For that prize, three randomly selected winners are going to Manchester or Turin for at least one night. They’ll get “reasonable travel accommodations” including a one-night hotel stay. They’ll also get to meet one of the players mentioned: Lingard, De Bruyne, or Dybala, and see them recreate the video game goal they scored live in person. There are likely to be some other perks from that trip and star player meeting, so one never knows. If nothing else, it’s a chance to meet one of the stars of the game.

How to enter FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League contest

Entering the FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League contest is pretty simple. Anyone who has FIFA 19 on PS4, Xbox One, or Windows PC can enter. In the game, you need to useĀ Kevin De Bruyne, Jesse Lingard or Paulo Dybala to score a highly-unique goal on the field. That goal can be performed in any game mode.

Once they’ve got a contest-winning goal recorded, gamers just need to upload a high-quality video of it to Twitter directly from the game console. Make sure to tag the @EASportsFIFA and @BTSport accounts. Also, use the #UCLGoalsRecreatedContest on the Twitter post to have it officially entered.

The FIFA 19 contest is open starting now (Oct. 24) and runs until November 1, 2018 (atĀ 23:59:59 GMT). That gives about a week to get those amazing goals scored and entered for a chance to win!

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