FIFA 20 Team of the Year: Cristiano Ronaldo is Voted 12th TOTY Player by the Community

The community has voted and now there is a 12th player joining FIFA 20 Team of the Year. Despite what seemed like a lot of gamers expressing support online for Robert Lewandowski, he failed to gain the popular vote. Instead, the distinction goes to former FIFA cover star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo gets FIFA 20 Team of the Year spot

Ronaldo becomes the third footballer on the FIFA 20 Team of the Year to get a 99 overall in terms of TOTY player ratings. He joins Lionel Messi and Virgil Van Dijk. Ronaldo’s new card includes 99 Shooting, 98 Dribbling, 97 Pace, and 95 Physical ratings. His previous best item was a “Best of TOTW” card with a 94 overall. It had 94 Shooting, 91 Pace, 90 Dribbling, and 84 Passing.

In the FIFA game, Ronaldo doesn’t play for Juventus, but instead a fictional team called Piemonte Calcio due to licensing and partnerships. However, he’ still amongst the best-rated players in the real and video game versions of international football.

EA Sports FIFA tweeted out a look at the complete FIFA 20 Team of the Year.

Voting took place through FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as gamers received a TOTY Players Pick pack. Inside of that pack were the five nominees for the 12th spot on TOTY. Gamers chose one of the players to record their vote.

Ronaldo and the other 11 TOTY players are now available through packs until January 14 and through the Transfer Market otherwise. While he gets quite a nice upgrade, that doesn’t mean all fans are happy with the choice.

Many fans felt Lewandowski was more deserving of TOTY

A good number of FIFA gamers are expressing frustration towards the community vote. Others believe it was “rigged” to help sell packs by including a player as popular as Ronaldo in the choices. Many of the opinions seen in comments on EA Sports FIFA’s tweet and on the FUTHEAD listing for Ronaldo’s new TOTY card express similar frustration.

“Lewandowski should really consider upgrading his security. Man seems to be getting robbed constantly,” a popular FUTHEAD user’s comment reads.

“Announce a special card of Lewandowski u haters,” one Twitter user replied to EA Sports FIFA’s tweet.

Someone also created a version of what Robert Lewandowski’s FIFA 20 Team of the Year item should look like as shown below. Fans are still holding out hope that the Bayern Munchen striker will get some special upgraded item that outperforms his 92 OVR Champions League TOTTGS.

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