FIFA 21 Global Series Results: Levi de Weerd Completes Big Comeback to Win PS4 Europe Qualifier 3

This weekend, the FIFA 21 Global Series held Europe Qualifier 3 to determine which gamer would be crowned PS4 champion. When all was said and done, it was Team Gullit’s Levi de Weerd claiming the big victory as the top player on PlayStation 4. He did so thanks to a huge comeback win in the second leg of the grand final matchup too.

Levi de Weerd stages comeback to win PS4 Grand Final

With Levi de Weerd taking on Hashtag Tom in the PS4 Grand Final, the top prize money and bragging rights were on the line in the FIFA 21 Global Series. Tom would make sure to make a statement in Leg 1, putting forth a dominant effort as he went up 3-1. That would put some pressure on Levi as they went into the second leg of the final, but he was more than up to the challenge.

Levi got on the board with the first goal courtesy of Neymar Jr. at the 26-minute mark. That cut the deficit to 3-1 in the second leg as they headed to halftime. In the second half, he continued to go to work, opening with a goal from Neymar Jr. at the 53-minute mark. That made it 3-3 and suddenly it seemed the momentum had shifted.

Neymar would once again connect on a goal thanks to a lucky bounce of the ball. With that, Levi finally seized the lead in the grand final, 4-3 over Tom. Moments later, a fourth goal from FIFA Ultimate Team star Neymar gave Levi the 4-0 lead in the second leg. That gave him a 5-3 grand final lead which ended up being the final score.

FIFA 21 Global Series update after Qualifier 3

With the impressive comeback, 16-year-old Levi de Weerd became PS4 Grand Final champion for Europe Qualifier 3 in FIFA 21 Global Series. As the winner of the PS4 bracket for the Europe Qualifier, Levi gets $15,000 in prize money along with the FIFA 21 Global Series points.

Following his victory, Levi tweeted his reaction to become the PS4 European champion on the FIFA 21 video game.

“Can’t describe this feeling… want to thank you guys for the crazy support!” he shared in his victory tweet.

“This one is for the [Netherlands flag] and especially for ‘the toppers & @TheTeamGullit,'” he tweeted along with the EA FIFA eSports tweet.

The second-place competitor received $12,000, and the third-place competitor took home $10,000. Competitors who finished third through 16th also got $1,000 to $6,000 in prize money each.

Two more Europe Qualifier events will take place in the coming months. Qualifier 4 is set for March 20th to 21st, while Qualifier 5 will take place April 24th to April 25th. The third North America Qualifier is coming up next on the schedule for March 6th through March 7th. The second East Asia Qualifier will also take place on those dates.

Check out the full schedule at the EA FIFA 21 Global Series website here.

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