Finland: A small country with a huge competitive drive in eSports

Finland may be a relatively small country in terms of population, but it undeniably leads the way when it comes to esports. There are an incredible number of professional esports players per capita. For those interested in gambling on esports in Finland, Rizk provides plenty of options.

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Both console and PC gaming are huge in Finland, which obviously helps improve the skills of the general populace and leads to more people getting to the point where they can compete professionally.


Huge esports tournaments and the potential winnings

The International DOTA 2 Championships continue to be one of the biggest meets when it comes to esports. In 2021, the prize fund was an incredible $40,018,400.00.

In recent years, the Fortnite World Cup Champion has also been a massive event with 16-year-old gaming sensation Bugha scooping an incredible $3,000,000 prize.

The PUBG Global Championship 2021 and the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2021 also had prize funds in excess of $4,000,000. These events occur each year, so you can see the potential these events have to provide a fantastic living for Finnish players.


Top Finnish professionals

JerAx (Jesse Vainikka) is perhaps the best-known of all the Finnish esports pros. His earnings have hit an estimated $6,480,948.78 playing DOTA 2.

Having won multiple tournaments, JerAx actually retired from DOTA, before making a sensational comeback in 2021 with the Evil Geniuses team:

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to play for EG, hopefully we will do great as a team. I wouldn’t be competing in Dota if I didn’t set the expectation for the team to be one of the best,” he said.

Other Finnish players include Topson (Topias Taavitsainen) and Matumbaman (Lasse Urpalainen) who also have reached earnings in the millions of dollars.

Many of the big Finnish players in recent years have taken place on events on the global scale. Using Rizk, you are able to gamble on the outcome of all esports tournaments around the world.

Rizk and betting on esports

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While gambling and betting can be fun and potentially lucrative, remember that all real-money gambling will come with its own set of inherent risks and winning is absolutely not guaranteed. You should always gamble safely and responsibly, setting your own time and money limits, and stopping if the activity is no longer fun for you. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Rizk encourages playing responsibly.