The World of Fire Emblem: Three Houses: The Church of Seiros

In traditional Fire Emblem fashion, the world of the next game in the series is going to be quite the sight to behold. Not only is it full to the brim with fantastical relics and powerful magic, but a rich history as well. As players get ready to dive headlong into Fire Emblem: Three Houses soon, it’s important to get well acquainted with the setting.

Fódlan’s Rich History

The land of Fódlan was not always a place of peace. In fact, all one has to do is take a peek back into history to see that the continent on which the game takes place has long been the subject of intense strife. The Adrestian empire seized control of the continent from the tyrannical Nemesis long ago. In doing so the Church of Seiros united the land under the Adrestian umbrella, ushering in a time of prosperity.

This unified time did not last forever though. After a period of several years, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus sought its independence. The Leicester Alliance shortly followed suit in their own secession, thus bringing forth yet another tumultuous time for the land. Yet it was once again the Church of Seiros who brought order and balance to the people of Fódlan.

The Church of Seiros

Following years of warring between the now three independent nations, the Church of Seiros intervened. It is as yet unknown what the Church precisely did to initiate this time of peace, but in the present day, the organization is still the reason such tranquility has been sustained. Judging by past actions such as the bringing defeat to Nemesis and securing prosperous times for Fódlan, it is clear the Church of Seiros is a force of light in the world.

The Church of Seiros Is Central To Three Houses' World

Based at the Garreg Mach Monastery, the Church of Seiros is presently lead by Archbishop Rhea. The divine leader oversees the church’s goings-on, as well as direct interactions with the protagonist. The monastery is also home to the Officer’s Academy, the esteemed institute at which elite students are trained in the art of combat, magic, and more. Garreg Mach Monastery is proof that the Church of Seiros is central to Fódlan’s stability; as if the history of the country didn’t prove this fact well enough.

While little more is known about the Church of Seiros and its greater role in the game, more is sure to be unveiled as time goes on. The church will absolutely remain important to the plot, as it is they who offer the protagonist a teaching position at the Officer’s Academy. Stay tuned for more details as Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘ release date of July 26 looms ever closer.