Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Recruiting New Students Efficiently

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a title with a lot going on at once, especially when it comes to the academy segments. Sure, there is no ticking clock, but time management is still a very real pressure faced when deciding what to do with Byleth’s limited daily actions. Trying to balance all this in addition to developing specific skills to recruit students to Byleth’s house can be a daunting task. But, there are certain things players can do to make that recruitment much easier on themselves.

The Green Thumb Has It

Recruiting new students is a crucial element to success in Three Houses. This is especially true if you want to increase your versatility on the battlefield. Whether it’s prowess in battle one seeks, or simply those sweet sweet support ranks, recruitment should be priority number one for players early on in the game.

But the system for recruitment seems a bit cumbersome. In order to have a student take interest in Byleth’s house, the game tells the player they must rank up two specific abilities. This is not an especially efficient way to go about things, especially when any two skills are likely not applicable to Byleth’s optimal build. What’s more, is that this system requires players to invest precious time training Byleth in skills they will never use.

Byleth's Skills Are Not The Only Way to Recruit Students

Yet instead of wasting that time and energy, the most simple answer lies in the greenhouse. There, players should plant any and all flower seeds they can and use the top rank fertilizer accessible to them at the time. Harvest those flowers on the next exploration day, and proceed to bombard the most sought after student with them. Even if they don’t like flowers!

Eventually, this repeated action will cause their support ranks to build, and once they reach B rank they may request to join Byleth’s house! This event won’t be triggered until the scheduled classroom days, and even then the chance of occurrence is completely random. But through some patience or save scrubbing (and more patience) the other houses’ students will be in Byleth’s house.

The aforementioned strategy also works with any gift, but since flowers are free and so easily accessible, this strategy pairs well with them. Hopefully, students will be clamoring to leave their houses in no time. Happy recruiting!