First Trailer for the Witcher Netflix Series Released

At last, after many months of waiting, Netflix has unveiled the first official trailer for The Witcher; their upcoming series based on the original Witcher novels. Starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, the show has been in production since last year. It is scheduled to become available to watch on Netflix towards the end of 2019. The new trailer, released today during San Diego Comic-Con, gives fans a first look at what’s coming from the Witcher Netflix series.

The Witcher Netflix Series Trailer Gives Fans Glimpse of What’s to Come

Fans of CD Projekt Red’s Witcher games can expect to see a very different Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher Netflix series. Not only is the show an adaptation of the novels, with no bearing on the game, but Geralt will also be much younger. The game series takes place after the novels have already taken place, while the series will be starting years before. As such, characters who never featured in the games are likely to have major roles, including major villains like Vilgefortz.

The new trailer reveals at least some of what the series will cover; including Yennefer’s early life as a hunchback and Ciri’s childhood. The trailer’s action scenes focus primarily on human-vs.-human combat. However, we do get a few brief glimpses of Geralt tangling with monsters. We even get a look at him under what is presumably the effects of a Witcher potion, at the end.

It’s currently unknown exactly how far the story of the first season will go. However, the series is expected to be a major undertaking for Netflix, and is practically guaranteed to be greenlit for a second season. (If, indeed, it hasn’t already.) Certainly, fans of the games have a lot to look forward to; they’ll get to see much of the backstories of characters which they’re familiar with which were never featured in the games. Fans of the books may be more familiar with the series’ plot. Although, it’s unknown exactly how true to the original plot of the novels it will be.

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