The Top 5 Fortnite Battle Royale Easter Eggs

Ever since the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale, the developers at Epic Games have been adding new Easter eggs to the free-to-play battle royale title. Spawning numerous fan theories, these Fortnite Battle Royale Easter eggs are scattered all over the various in-game maps. Some of the most notable were only added relatively recently, in fact. If you’re looking to track down some of the most intriguing Fortnite Easter eggs in game, here are five which are definitely worth checking out.

#5: The Dinosaur Footprint

The dinosaur footprint was discovered almost immediately after the start of Fortnite’s fourth season, back in May of this year. The footprint appeared after the Season 4 update rolled out, in the midst of a now-crushed house. Players can find the huge imprint west of Greasy Grove and south of Snobby Shores. The footprint is surrounded by what appear to be filming equipment, though it’s not clear if they’re meant to be documenting the print, or implying that it is part of a movie set.

The Dinosaur Footprint Has Provoked Much Speculation From Fortnite Fans

There are additional cameras and movie equipment around the map, so it would seem more likely to be the latter. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped fans speculating about more outlandish possibilities. Certainly, given the recent events in Fortnite causing things to spill into the game from other worlds, who knows what the footprint could imply for the future of the game?

#4: The Hatch in the Wailing Woods

Another Fortnite Easter egg which appeared at the advent of Season 4; this relatively new addition is perhaps even more mysterious than the footprint. Located deep in the Wailing Woods, the hatch is seemingly indestructible. Some fans have been able to break it open through some rather non-conventional methods, but have found naught but a dark void and an invisible wall beneath; perhaps hinting at future content which has yet to be added? One Redditor was able to use the game’s replay feature to see what lies beneath the hatch. For now at least, it seems to be merely an empty stone chamber.

The Hatch is One of the More Mysterious Fortnite Easter Eggs

It’s possible that the hatch is meant as an intentional reference to the television series Lost. As many fans have noted, Lost included a hatch hidden in a jungle; a hatch which could not be opened. In fact, players have found strange markings on the back of the hatch in Fortnite; another similarity with the hatch in Lost.

#3: The Ice Cream Truck at Dusty Divot

Another Easter egg which has proven difficult to destroy is the Ice Cream Truck which can be found at Dusty Divot. On this map, which was left devastated by a meteor impact for some months, players can find a unique ice cream truck which has a grand total of 100,000 health. This truck, which is stuck in place, kept players busy for quite a while as they attempted to break in. As it turns out, players who are patient enough (or who simply use a Port-a-Fort to break it instantly…) will find nothing but a regular Treasure Chest inside.

The Ice Cream Truck Has 100,000 Total Health

Exactly what the purpose of this truck was is unknown, though it certainly generated plenty of fan theories. Perhaps a developer at Epic Games simply wanted to stir the pot a bit for their players!

#2: The Supervillain and Superhero Bases

These expansive but well-hidden Easter eggs can be found in two separate locations. The first is located inside a mountain. Namely, the mountain located closest to Snobby Shores. The easiest way to access this concealed secret area is by landing atop the mountain at the beginning of a game. From there, look for a shack which can be found on the mountainside. Inside, players can descend into a tunnel and break down a door at the end. Within, they will find what appears to be the lair of a supervillain.

The Superhero and Supervillain Bases Are One of the Many Fortnite Easter Eggs

The opposite base, which appears to be that of a superhero, can be found on the opposite side of the map. It’s slightly easier to find; players need simply look for the mansion overlooking the water. Head down into the basement to find the mysterious secret base.

#1: The Loot Lake Factory Disco Ball

One of the most interesting Fortnite Easter eggs in Fortnite, purely because it requires more than simply tracking it down to see it; the Disco Ball can be found inside a factory near Loot Lake. The Easter egg, which is quite well-known, has actually featured as one of Fortnite’s weekly challenges in the past. Players can find it in the north-most building located in a cluster of structures on the western coast of Loot Lake.

The Disco Ball Fortnite Easter Eggs Require Cooperation

When players enter the factory, they’ll see dance pads in four corners of the room, and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. To activate the Easter egg; four players must stand on the four dance pads and all use a dance emote at the same time. Keep dancing for ten seconds once the ball starts to rise and the Easter egg will complete.