Fortnite Is Dealing With A Pretty Nasty “Free V-Bucks” Scam Problem

Fortnite is enjoying a massive amount of popularity, so it makes sense that cheaters and scammers are trying any way they possibly can to prey on people who enjoy the game. One particular and popular scam that’s been going on is a “free V-Bucks” scheme that’s prevalent on YouTube. Head to the video streaming site to see videos touting free currency, which is what you use in-game to purchase new items, and less bright people are quick to fall for get-rich-quick scams like these hook, line, and sinker.

You needn’t look far to find one of these videos when you go to YouTube to search, as they promise easy and fast ways to earn more free V-Bucks, with scammy ads on fake accounts and other weird happenings. They’re essentially schemes engineered to steal player information for some nefarious purpose. People are creating videos that tout these scams and fake news, marking them as unlisted videos on YouTube to get around any sort of filtering, and creating more spam that’s starting to become a real issue.

If you happen upon any of these spammy videos, make sure you’re not following any of their prompts, sharing any information with them, or doing anything that they ask, because you can’t get V-Bucks without earning them yourself or purchase them with real money.

“There is no way to give or receive V-Bucks other than purchasing in-game or earning them via Battle Pass or quests in ‘Save The World,’” according to an Epic Games rep. “Many people claim this, but instead will give gift cards or some other compensation (in instances of giveaways that are not scams, of course; players should never, ever share their account information).”

This should probably go without saying, but be careful out there. People would love to swindle you out of your hard-earned money, and maybe your identity, too.