Fortnite: Patch v7.20 Will Fix Uneven Ground Wall Placement Problem

When it comes to Fortnite, you’re always at a disadvantage on low ground. That’s why building structures are one of the most prominent features of the game that decides that outcome of the match. But there are certain elements in the game that ball up the process of building a perfect structure in a clutch match. One of them being the uneven ground throughout the map.

While it is completely necessary for Fortnite to have natural, high and low ground, the wall placements tend to ignore the fundamental physics altogether and, sort of, “phase” through the ground. “Why does that happen?” you’d ask, it’s because there might be a plane at a fixed height for buildings.

Because all the placeable structures have a fixed area, it is necessary for them to start from a pre-marked point on the map. That’s why players cannot place a wall between two walls. This creates a big problem for competitive players, but it seems like Epic Games is going to fix it soon.

Fortnite v7.20 patch will fix wall placement

When And How Is Fortnite Wall Placement Going To Get Fixed?

The wall placements, partially below the ground level or completely obstructed by the ground, will be fixed soon. In a recent post, Epic Games addressed the issue and will implement a fix for it in the next patch. The new feature will kick in when a player tries to place a wall and the connecting piece below it is at least 70% underground. The extra piece will consume no resources and will be built for free. Just like other player structures, this connecting piece will inherit the team ownership rules. The whole bug and its fix are explained in the post below:

Wall Placement and You from FortNiteBR

This post is specifically targeted towards wall pieces in the game. We’re not sure if the same feature will apply for other structures or not. There is no official date for patch v7.20, but we can expect it within a week.