Fortnite Season 4 Has Landed

Server downtime is over, and Fortnite Season 4 is live! There are a lot of cool new features (which probably haven’t all been discovered yet), so you’ll want to jump in on the action as soon as possible. Players who bought the Season 3 Battle Pass go into Season 4 with five free tiers right off the bat.

Check out the official announce trailer:

It isn’t just Season 4 which has landed … it’s the comet as well. If you head to the impact site, you’ll find a brand new Battle Royale map named Hop Rocks. Throughout the area you’ll discover luminous comet fragments. These are consumable, and will lend you a cool low gravity jump ability.

These aren’t the only changes either. There are some new skins to try in military and superhero styles. Top players will have a chance to unlock the coveted Tier 100 Omega skin, which it is possible to upgrade over time. In all, there are a total of seven new skins.

Along with the skins, Season 4 has introduced three new gliders, two new harvesting tools, six new contrails, two new back blings, and four new funky dances.

Another addition in Season 4 is a feature called sprays. A spray is basically a new kind of graffiti-style emote which you can use to tag walls and other surfaces. Some of them look like traditional emoticons while others have a more graffiti-themed look. An umbrella with graffiti designs is also the reward you get for winning your first match of the season.

Finally, a new story mission has been introduced. Just as you might guess, it involves checking out the comet. Slain enemies will now drop crafting ingredients, building materials, and ammunition. The stronger the enemy, the more valuable the loot.

A new kind of item has been introduced, called a “Cache.” Caches are dropped by slain Mini-Bosses. Caches come in two varieties: Schematic Caches and Evolution Material Caches. Once again, the more challenging the mission, the better the loot. You might also discover Caches in certain treasure chests, and will be able to open them once your mission is complete.

Along with these changes and additions, there are a huge number of bug fixes and tweaks with Season 4. You can head on over to Epic Games to read the full patch notes. No,w what are you waiting around here for? Go play Fortnite Season 4!