Fortnite Season 7: New Weapons And Their Stats

Epic Games has added several new weapons to Fortnite Battle Royale with the release of Season 7 on June 8. At the moment, it is unknown how all of these weapons will be obtained, but it is very likely that some variants will be limited to NPCs only.

Beside adding new weapons to Fortnite, the video game developer has unvaulted some of the items, including the Launch Pad, the Burst Assault Rifle, the Hand Cannon, and others. Considering that there are no more Primal and Makeshift weapons in the game, the new season will be very different from the last one.

Kymera Ray Gun

Kymera Ray Gun is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale in three different rarities: Legendary, Epic, and Rare. All the rarities have the same magazine size and fire rate, but there is difference in reload time and damage.

This weapon emits a continouos deadly ray which deals 11, 10, and 9 damage respectively. The Legendary variant has a two-second reload time, while the other two are slower by 0.25 and 0.50 seconds.

Slone’s Pulse Rifle

This rifle will be fully automatic when hip fired, but its shots will be slower when players are using its sights to aim. The weapon comes in four different rarities, same as the previous one, including the Mythic variant. The magazine size for each rarity is 16 and the weapons has a fire rate of 4.2 bullets per second.

Once again, the damage and reload time are different and the Mythic variant deals 38 damage per shot with 2.6 seconds of reload time. The damage is lowered by one point for each lesser rarity while the reload time is increased by around 0.10 seconds.

Rail Gun

Rail Gun is a high tech rifle players will have to charge and shoot at an enemy. It comes in the same rarities as the Kymera Ray Gun and the maximum body shot damage is 94 and it falls down to 89 and 84 for Epic and Rare variants.

The description of the weapon states that it’s great for dealing with enemies behind walls, which means this could be one of the strongest weapons in Fortnite Season 7.

Recon Scanner

Recon Scanner is one of the new Fortnite weapons in Season 7.

Recon Scanner comes in just one rarity and it launches a recon bolt that marks nearby enemies and chests. While it only has two shots in its magazine, it deals massive damage to players, 98. This damage will most likely have to come from a direct hit.

After firing off both shots, it will take 3.6 seconds to reload the Recon Scanner.