Fortnitemares Grand Finale Is On Its Way

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t a way to celebrate the spooky season on Fortnite. Epic Games didn’t leave us hanging. Since October 24th, gamers have been enjoying the fun challenges of Fortnitemares 2018. And now, we have the Fortnitemares Grand Finale coming up on us fast!

Epic Games Tweets About the Upcoming Grand Finale

Today, Epic Games posted this on Twitter:

The text reads, “Fortnitemares in Battle Royale ends on Sunday, November 4 at 1pm ET/ 6pm UTC. Finish your Fortnitemares Challenges by then to unlock the Dark Engine Glider. Login early and be in-match to witness the one-time event which starts at 1pm ET/ 6pm UTC.”

Could This Have to Do With Kevin?

Obviously, the phrase “one-time event” doesn’t tell us a whole lot, except that it is critical that we don’t miss out. But one good guess would be the final event is going to involve Kevin in some way. If you’ve glanced up at Kevin recently, you’ve probably noticed that he’s starting to crack (literally). This must mean the end of the cube is soon to come.

And what will happen then? Once the cube cracks open, will it simply be destroyed? Or will something emerge from inside? It is likely that whatever the final event entails, it will not only spell an end to the cube-related business on the map, but likely a beginning to something else.

Whatever Epic Games has in store for us, you will want to make sure that you do not miss out. So don’t forget to log in on November 4th at 1pm ET/ 6pm UTC. That way you can be part of the grand finale. In the meantime, catch up on your Challenges, and don’t forget to keep up with all of our news, updates and guides for Fortnite!