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  3. But this days video game companies aren't looking up to such anymore to repair the loopholes that wasn't looked upon in the previous into making a fine remastered version. You can see the downtime around the recent remastered version on GTA trilogy too.
  4. That's exactly what I want from video game companies to learn, and bring the best feature into any game developed or remake.
  5. I know the game I'm talking about, it's Alien isolation. It's a scary horror game, but I'm always bold playing it without feeling about it's scary nature.
  6. That's tremendous. It shows you've been following the game's update even when you're away from it.
  7. I would think gaming helps with music and things that are timing based. Music requires tempo, and you learn a lot of proper timing and tempo in most games. I also think gaming can help in controlling unmanned mechanics in medical procedures and military technology.
  8. I know graphics is something worrying in the game due to it's bugs, but the content also is lacking substance.
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  10. Yeah, that's the reason why we are here buddy. Had it been I didn't compare the two games I wouldn't have gotten the answer i needed.
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