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    Is Single Player Gaming Going Away?

    No. I don't think so. With games like Doom 2016 selling more copies because of its single player campaign than its tacked-on multiplayer and games like Wolfenstein II, The Last Of Us and such still doing well despite having no multiplayer at all, I don't think single player games will die out any time soon. Heck, single player games have been dominating the indie scene for a solid decade now with games like Undertale, Shovel Knight and Five Nights At Freddy's gaining extreme praise for their storytelling and gameplay despite no multiplayer. People who say single player games are not doing well are either not doing research or just misinterpreting Call of Duty sales for people who buy the games for multiplayer only.
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    Last Game Played

    Mass Effect Andromeda on PC.
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    Was invited here by Dan. Nice to meet you all. 🙂 I'm a female gamer from Norway who in addition to reviewing games on my blog also works on music, design and making my own game.
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    Are you a mobile gamer?

    I don't 'identify' as a mobile gamer but I do play some. I make an effort to play Pokémon Go and keep up with my daily bonuses and challenges. I understand these things are the typical phone-game-addiction things, but it is ok because it's keeps me going outside which nothing else manages to do. I recently signed up to Ingress - Niantic's other game - and I'm liking learning all of its intricacies as well. I think PoGo and Ingress make a lot of sense on the mobile platform because phones are a thing that you carry around you in the real world. Unfortunately I can't think of many other games that also make good use of it.
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    Silly Things You Do in Fallout?

    Those damn skeletons can really be a pain in the butt. Lol. It would be nice to be able to clean everything up. And I like the idea of the cola bottle border.
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    Most Beautiful Spots in Skyrim?

    The northern lights are pretty awesome. I really Ancestor Glade. The light beaming in really adds something.
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    As much money as they're trying to make by making people get a PS4 to play together I think in the long run they will realize that they might lose money this way too. It's too limiting.
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    Okay, so you've just awoken THE BEAST because I absolutely love Dragon Age and will ramble about it for days on end. Sadly, I'm not 'the best' when it comes to combat tips but I can give you a few that haven't failed me yet. Can I ask what you're playing this on? I don't really think it matters but I've played the game on the PS3 so there may be some differences. So I wrote a huuuge piece of writing for this but my laptop decided it was a great idea to delete all of this. Which is super bloody annoying, so I'm going to make this short and sweet. You don't have to follow all of this advice, because it's very much your experience and Dragon Age is great fun when you do things your own way. Always have a mage in your party if you aren't one. Mages in Origins are fantastic because they have access to all the same skills, unlike in the rest of the Dragon Age series. Seriously they are so good, please take a mage with you at all times. They have crowd control spells that stop enemies from overpowering you like Mind Blast and Cone of Cold, and they have healing spells too. Did you say something about always having injuries? Invest in injury kits for your party. Normally Bodahn sells them, but pretty much any merchant can sell you them too. Alistair can be a meat shield if done right. I usually just put everything into con and strength for him. Give him second best armor (because I DESERVE the best armor) and give him skills that allow him to be offensive and defensive when the time calls for it. I'll be honest, I've still not figured out Leliana yet even though I've been playing since 2008 lol. Dex and cunning for her can work well, especially if she's an archer, but her skill set as a bard is key too. She can really boost the strength/defence of your party. Look into her skills more. Potions/poisons are so beneficial and really change the battle if done right. Invest in them if you can. Sorry I can't help much more. If you're struggling with it more though let me know and I'd be happy to help!
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    First Person vs. Third Person

    I completely agree with you. Games in first person are way more comfortable and easier to control. And I get what u mean by saying that it seems as the world is spinning around u. I hate that sometimes. I feel that games should have a option to choose which point you'd like to play from.
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    Last Game Played

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I have played 3 competitive matches today. I won one, another finished tied and the last one we lost because they were hackers and 2 people of our team abandoned the match. I really hate noobs with hacks and people who just join and leave but whatever...
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    Royal Weirdo

    How Current Are You On Games?

    I'm a bit of a late adopter when it comes to games. Mostly due to money. I can't buy every new release when it comes out, I'd really be poor. Same with consoles, I would have a Nintendo Switch by now its been out for a while. But I never feel bad because the games get cheaper after a few years of waiting.
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    I was heartbroken when I realized I couldn't join my friend in Elder Scrolls Online because of the lack of crossplay 😞
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