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    Aimee Hart

    Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    I'm learning Japanese! It's an exciting language and can be really rewarding if you put your heart and soul into it. Skateboarding sounds fun! I've only been on a skateboard once and broke my arm so I think that may have put me off for life.
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    Aimee Hart

    Do you ever get bored of gaming?

    Gaming can be extremely tiring after a while, which is why I think it's really important to get another hobby. As I write a LOT about video games for a lot of sites, it can be really tiring at times to be like 'well guess I'll play some MORE video games' after writing about them for so long. Thankfully I'm using my spare time exercising/learning another language.
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    What was your first Nintendo device?

    My brother had an original "brick" Game Boy that we kinda shared. Or rather, he didn't play it much and I just kinda was able to play it whenever I wanted to. Best game was Tetris, definitely. Then, for my 7th birthday, my grandparents bought me my very own Game Boy Pocket with Super Mario Land 2 and The Empire Strikes Back. That thing was great. Smaller, fewer batteries, and the LCD screen had better contrast. And Mario Land 2 was an incredible game, still one of my favorites. I didn't get my first home console until early 1999. My dad really liked watching us play NFL Blitz in the arcade, so he got us an N64 with Blitz, Yoshi's Story, and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron initially. One game each for my brother, my sister, and myself. We were ALL OVER the N64, we absolutely loved it. In less than 3 years we probably ended up with 35 games 😄
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