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    Martin Berisford

    How often do you save?

    I'm echoing Dylan on this one really. It really does depend on the game for me. Certain games I just rely on the autosave - although I messed that up recently on Crash Bandicoot, lost a good few levels cause I hit the wrong buttons... For longer games though, such as your Fallout's, GTA's, Skyrims I certainly save any time I do anything of note or that would really annoy me if I had to do it again. It's makes me have a lot of saves generally but at least I know I can just go back if I really really want to. Especially when I need to play through those alternate endings! Far Cry 5 was a pain for that after I played it through all over again to get a different ending lol.
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    Favorite Indie Games?

    Undertale Shovel Knight Stardew Valley Terraria Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2 Hard Reset Shadow Warrior Remake 1 & 2 Ion Maiden MURI Audiosurf DUSK The Stanley Parable VVVVVV
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    What headphones do you use?

    Well, those are the expensive ones becaues they are wireless. You can check artics 5 or even artics 3. Great sound, but cheaper.
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    I played a game called ZUB on the Amstrad growing up. It was a pretty fun platformer/shooter with a rad soundtrack. The whole point of the game was that you had to travel through 7 worlds to find a special green eye to win the game. Funnily enough, when you get all the way to the end, the twist is, the special green eye was in your pocket all along. And you’re then tasked with trying to TRAVEL BACK THROUGH ALL 7 LEVELS! My 8 year old brain just couldn’t handle it.
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    The Portal series really tickled me to be fair, I never thought I'd actually like the game and actually stayed away from it but when I did, I just loved it. Probably because Stephen Merchant was in Portal 2 and I'm a big fan but it just struck a chord really. GTA games always crack me up too!
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    I'd just like to add, that - in general - games that try to be funny mostly fall flat. It's the games that are inadvertently funny that are super memorable.
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    The only one I can think of, embarrassing as this is - I kind of took up skating as a teen due to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. 😛 This made me a few friends, I've had some falling outs and haven't skated in about as decade (probably more...Actually definitely more.) So, I guess that had an impact at one point.
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    Back when we had the SNES, the console or the cartridge got a bit old and if you tapped it in the wrong way the entire save file would be lost, the game got messed with once and lost a FF 3 save file that was at the end.
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    Mine is a bit lame, but whatever. It is what it is. Playing Retail Tycoon on Roblox with my daughter last year we built this major department store. Raking in the millions, no skipping steps, no payments, no cheats. We tried to load it one day, somehow it'd been deleted. I kind of call conspiracy though - I think Roblox weren't happy we'd maxed everything out organically rather than buying their stupid short cuts.
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again and @Alyxx will agree. The Curse of Monkey Island.
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    How often do you save?

    It tends to depend on the game tbh. I actually save really often in games like Fallout or Skyrim because I can't bear re-doing a stretch of games after being killed or hitting a bug. Ideally, games should autosave often. That said, games like the Souls series don't need frequent saving. A big part of the risk/reward element of the game relies on the constant threat of losing a ton of progress. But, yeah, that risk/reward feeling isn't for everybody!
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