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    Gaming for catharsis

    I think a lot of people play video games to get some kind of psychological release. Obviously you see this a lot with FPS games. Games give us a chance to do what we can’t do in real life. What gives you some form of catharsis while gaming? For me, it is games which allow me to take action against social ills I can’t do anything about in real life (i.e. striking out against bigotry). Even though nothing real is accomplished (obviously), there is still a sense of emotional satisfaction I can't experience IRL.
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    Niko belic from GTA 4 😄
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    Nuketown is an all time classic I'm sure everyone was excited and pumped for it to come out it's a good think they switch up the designs also a new nuketown design every release looks promising.
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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing all those deals btw. I may not be in America but some are indeed interesting 😛
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