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    What’s your desert island game?

    Deus Ex Any of the Borderlands games Mass Effect series games
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    What’s your desert island game?

    Yea hopefully there is, I highly recommend it. I like AC games but they rarely stand out as truly great, this one really surprised me by how much I enjoyed it, a GOTY level game to me.
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    What’s your desert island game?

    Probably Skyrim, as that is easily the game I have the most hours in. But Witcher 3 and AC: Odyssey would be up there for me as well. Something with a big open world I could explore endlessly and that has good replay value.
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    How Current Are You On Games?

    I'm far behind. I've still got an Nintendo 2DS somewhere along with some other old consoles. Generally speaking, I'll wait 6-12 months before buying a new release as I want time to research the game, read reviews and allow the price to go down. I'm behind on the video games but not on my platform, I've just purchased a brand new Acer Gaming PC.
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