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    Medical Check-ups

    Same here. Sometimes, I feel like I am just wasting my money and time going in the first place. I am fully aware of that. My dad used to be extremely health up until a couple years ago and then his health has been going downhill ever since.
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    COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Trial

    That's without even taking their microtransactions into consideration. They tried to take everything that has been great about Fortnite but managed to incorporate it in the worst way. The game looks stupid with all these damn skins and weird face paints. I miss the good old days of COD. It's a shame because they had a chance to convince me to move over to COD again because BF was especially disappointing this year but they failed.
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    COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Trial

    They really should have released the BR mode as a separate thing. I understand why they did it because there was no way people were going to buy Black Ops 4 for just multiplayer and zombies. But it just would have been so much better because I like it but could not justify the price tag. The multiplayer is meh and the lack of a story mode is awful. Zombies never interested me so that was never something I would try out.
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    I'm going to step in here and nominate some more - @Cleopatra92 @kingpotato @StaceyPowers @UleTheVee Nominations are due in 5 days. With @mont86 and @Alyxx, we now have 6 total nominations.
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    Ask Stacey

    Nope, not even while playing MMOs. Having played male and female characters, I didn't find that my experience was all that different. There were different social expectations, but nobody complained when I didn't fit their preconceptions in either case. It's IRL that I usually deal with discrimination, but it usually hasn't been because of my sex. Good to see you around again :)
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    99% of it is YouTube for me. I watch hours of YouTube daily somehow lol
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