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    My technique is one that has worked on almost any game with dungeons. Getting lost for about an hour, check map, get lost again, spent another hour with a Puzzle, Solve the puzzle which turned out to be something simple and dumb, get lost one more time and finally reach the objective.
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    Anytime I have time. When I need to kill time before work mostly.
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    Simulator games

    Goat Simulator.
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    Worst experience with microtransactions?

    Fair enough. I'm glad not all mobile games are ruined by microtransactions.
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    Worst experience with microtransactions?

    I disagree. There are some amazing mobile games. Reigns is a really inventive card-based kingdom sim published by Devolver Digital (a very talented indie publisher). FTL is on mobile devices and is one of my fave games ever. Year Walk is a brilliant horror game based on Swedish folklore. Darkest Dungeon, Legend Of Grimrock, Papers Please and Monument Valley are all excellent. There are so many interesting, clever mobile games. It’s very much like the indie space - incredibly inventive and creative. Admittedly, there is a lot of shovelware. But I do think there are some great experiences on mobile and gamers tend to paint mobile gaming with the same brush as if all mobile games stink. I think we as gamers should try and move past this misnomer.
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    Great news! It's been a while since the last time I've played a Final Fantasy game. I'll have to put in on my list because it's a very good game. Your post made me remind about that. Thanks, haha!
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    What don't you like about gaming?

    Sadly, this is very true. Gaming comunity should be supportive to the members and not another battlefield. Like you said, it's toxic (by the way, this is a perfect word to describe that) and nowadays, pretty annoying. But I think, sometimes, there are some exceptions.
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    Thank you! Nominating you right back, @DylanC for being a consistently amazing contributor.
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    What would you change about Fallout 76?

    I hate being given the room to change something, because if I do, then I would like to change a whole lot of stuff. And that would be like making entirely a new game. ^^
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    That is legit awesome. I can't wait to finally play RE 0
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