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    If they are in a team, they get a paycheck from the organization. The organization gets money from sponsors and investors. Some organizations take a percentage of tournament winnings, some leave it all to the players. It really depends on the organization. Stream sponsorships are more often with full-time streamers rather than esports players who have sponsors from the organization. If an esports player streams and gets donations, I think all of that money goes to him, but it could also depend on the organization.
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    Probably online games, because I buy something there and it eventually closes. What a bummer.
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    The Outer Worlds

    I’m super pumped for it! Obsidian are a very talented and experienced developer and yes, Fallout New Vegas is incredible and indeed a testament to this. Can’t wait!
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    VGR Member of the Month - February 2019

    @DylanC is the winner. Congrats! I've awarded 500 Points to your account.
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    Just Cause 4 on PS4 only £21.85 (physical)

    This is an insane deal. Unreal! Good find @DylanC
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    Just Cause 4 on PS4 only £21.85 (physical)

    It’s legit. I’ve bought from base here in the UK before and they delivered the game within 48 hours. I had a good service from them, personally.
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    The Blackangel

    Flat Earthers

    I just want to know what exactly would happen to anyone who climbed that 150' ice wall at the edge. Would they be magically transported to the other side, or would they fall off into outer space?
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    Other Girl Gamers?

    Girl gamer, checking in :) I don't know what the actual stats are. I've never felt outnumbered, but that might have something to do with the specific games I grew up playing. In any case, please feel welcome here. It's a friendly and inclusive forum.
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    The Outer Worlds

    I can't say I wait for it THAT MUCH as I would for an ESO game, but I look forward to it all the same! :)
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