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    Episode 5 of the VGR Weekly Recap podcast is now available on YouTube! Apologies for the delay, we had some issues getting the file transferred between computers yesterday, but as you'll see, video is now fully implemented and a huge step up from last week! We're hoping to implement webcam footage fairly soon too. In any case, check out the latest episode: Jacob and I discuss the Rocket League acquisition, Borderlands 3 info and micro-transactions, Elder Scrolls: Online, Total War: Three Kingdoms, and more! As always, if you have any questions about what we discuss or anything you'd like us to discuss next week, please feel free to comment under the video or on this thread!
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    In all honesty, I don't have a god damn clue what to make of this one. And until this very moment I had heard of neither the game, nor Pepsiman.
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    Burn the heretic! 🔥
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    Same, because people can get frustrated with games and scream at them at most. So ysah, no need to blame gaming here.
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    Executor Akamia

    Games that didnt aged well ?

    Mega Man 2 is a real mess with the special weapons. The Metal Blade is OP except when it doesn't work at all, and most of the weapons drain real quickly or are completely useless outside of very specific situations. The Classic series overall is just obnoxious with the disappearing blocks often referred to as Yoku Blocks; I'm glad later Mega Man series such as Mega Man X did away with them almost entirely. I've yet to play Mega Man 11, but if it's anything like the previous 10 mainstream Classic series games, it probably has them, too. I still want to play it, don't get me wrong, but I'm not looking forward to seeing Yoku Blocks again. Mega Man 2 has my respect for saving the Mega Man franchise from being dead-on-arrival; the first Mega Man wasn't received particularly well at the time, from what I understand, and if Mega Man 2 failed, the series probably would not have gotten off the ground and none of its successors would have ever been made. But I think most later Mega Man games, Classic or otherwise, are technically better games.
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    I'm more inclined to believe it's an anger management issue, though without knowing if this man has a history, I can't say one way or the other, myself.
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    I wish I could have more than one follower. I'd love to have my own army!
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    Next game on your purchase list?

    I might get Albion, except Bannerlord!
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    Great job on this guys!
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    Have you ever completed 100% on a game?

    I probably need to get our more, lol.
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    Sonic Franchise

    Supposedly they are going to fix it due to the backlash. I wasn't really expecting much of the movie but yeah they better fix that abomination.
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    Games that didnt aged well ?

    Halo 2's graphics definitely shows its age when you are playing it - It was touted as revolutionary at the time but comparing it to Halo 5 Guardians from 4 years ago, the difference is truly amazing. Graphically games have really come a long way.
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    Space sim!
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    Next game on your purchase list?

    It will be Fallout New Vegas as per recommendation of @StaceyPowers
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    I'm thinking Battletoads on NES. Either that or Gods on SNES.
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    Next game on your purchase list?

    Mutant year zero: road to eden. This type of the game is not something I have tried for years. So I am thinking about playing it next. You can check the gameplay.
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    If I tried to list them all, I'd be here all night, honestly. Instead, I'll list maybe 5. Fortnite Apex Legends The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Admittedly, that last one is pretty niche; it only really applies among RTS players like myself. Anyway, I've never played any of these. All of them have been wildly popular with people at one point or another. I still get people recommending I play KOTOR, even after I tell them I tried KOTOR II and got bored pretty early on before stopping. I may eventually cave and go for it one day. But I've more or less been avoiding the first three like the plague, mostly because I'm kinda sick of hearing about them. Though in Apex's case, I just don't want anything to do with EA games anymore. I'm not entirely sure I'd buy Titanfall 3 if it comes out, in spite of my weakness for giant robots that compelled me to buy the first two. Skyrim, I just don't care for the setting at all. Fortnite... Well, nothing about it really attracts me to it. It just comes across to me as completely and utterly uninteresting; I'd rather play Minecraft.
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    Space games

    Hey, sorry for replying late. I was out of town for a few days. About EVE and my experience with it. Yeah, the cosmetics can get a bit pricy. But that's true with all of the games, I reckon. I mean, have you seen how much do some of the skins in CS:GO cost? It's absurd! Player interaction depends on yourself. You can play solo and keep to the shadows, or you join a corporation (like a guild in other MMOs) with other players. I tend to play Solo as I don't play often and don't want to commit myself too much so I might not be the best to talk about player interaction. But corps can get crazy, forming alliances with each other, starting wars, etc. The game can be a bit overwhelming at first, but I recommend you try it. It's free, after all! FTL seems interesting, but I never got a chance to play it yet. It's on my list to play.
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