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    The Blackangel

    Milestone Thread

    Got my first points reward.
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    The Blackangel

    Games you bought recently

    I picked up WildCATS on SNES a few weeks ago. I’ve always loved the comic book series, and until I came across it, didn’t ever even realize that a video game had been made. For some reason the idea never entered my mind. For those unfamiliar with WildCATS, it’s slightly similar to X-Men, but in WC they’re aliens instead of mutants. Well, most of them are aliens. During their time on earth, they took in a human or two.
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    Blank state always, thats actually one of the reasons why I havent purchased the Witcher 3, everybody tells me its a great game and I might buy it one day, but the one thing that doesnt appeal to me is that this is an already well developed character with a huge background.
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