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    VGR Member of the Month - August 2019

    Please cast your vote in the poll above for this month's Member of the Month. The winner will receive 500 Points which can be used to Bid for Rewards like giftcards, cash, video games, and gaming consoles. Member of the Month is generally awarded to the individual who had the biggest impact on the VGR Forum. This is generally in the form of contributing the most amount of posts in terms of quantity and/or quality, but can extend to referrals/promotion and other efforts to benefit the community. Voting closes September 5th at 10pm EST. You may vote for yourself and you are encouraged to ask your friends to sign-up to VGR and vote for you! @StaceyPowers @killamch89 @kingpotato @DylanC @The Blackangel
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    Mindy Shaw

    Last Game Played

    Apex Legends and Tetris 99!
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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trailer

    the game is very good and really successful. From Software delivers an excellent game every time! One of the only studios whose name is still synonymous with quality.
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    I agree and thank the heavens they aren't going to change their stance towards microtransactions anytime soon.
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    I agree Nintendo seems to be the company that values the quality of their content, except maybe how the current online nintendo service is going on with the lack of a good interface and content but aside from that you rarely get to see microtransactions on a Nintendo game.
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    I dont think gaming will help you land a better job unless the job itself is about gaming.
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    BBC: Gaming can help you land a job

    Having been a lifelong gamer, it's without a shadow of a doubt that games have formed who I am as a person and invariably influenced my choices in life. I'm not sure if it has helped me directly in any work situations but it certainly is something fun to look forward to when I'm off work.
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    If stealth is a mechanic I often combine stealth and melee since it's more silent than firing a gun.
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    I may use melee skills to humiliate my opponents (have done in GTA and a whole host of FPS games) or if I run out of ammunition and can't buy time to reload but I haven't really used melee skills for an extended period. Skyrim is probably the only exception where I do have a couple unarmed characters and when I used ot play Champions Online back in the day.
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    Employers are aware of gaming. But around here, no matter what you pick up from it, gaming is considered a hinderance. It supposedly distracts you from what you're supposed to be concerned with. I know they have no say what you do on your own time, but if you're a gamer, they look down on that hard.
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