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    I do have comments on some of the videos already. My name is different from the one I use on this website. I'll Pm You my Youtube name.
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    I am already subscribed to the Youtube channel and have watched every video. I'm not on Twitter that much anymore but i can Retweet it as well.
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    The reviewer needs to be free from social constructs. They need to be able to review a game without receiving condemnation for reviewing it at all. What that means is, think of games like God Of War. There were a lot of evangelical christians going off the deep end because it was about the ancient Gods. Coincidentally enough, the very Gods and Goddesses that I pay homage to and worship. But since it was a different god than the one of christian mythology, they went ballistic. So a lot of reviewers were too scared to give it their full honest opinion. Granted there were also a lot that didn't give a shit what the radicals thought, but still. And it doesn't stop at religion. There's also racial games. There's anti-group1 and anti-group2 games that reviewers are scared to review. And it's because they are held back by the status quo. Anything that threatens that, no matter how small, is gonna make shit hit the fan and no one is going to have time to duck.
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    Old DOS Games

    Duke Nukem (aka Duke Nukum) Duke Nukem 2 Commander Keen Wolfenstein 3D Doom Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure BlackThorne Command & Conquer Quake Duke Nukem 3D Tomb Raider Eradicator Redneck Rampage Bombs & Bugs Grand Prix Circuit Xenon 2 Terminal Velocity Silpheed
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    I agree with that sentiment - UP TO A POINT. Basically, it's like this: It's "a boy cried Wolf" thing. Have you ever read the fable? Basically, as long as SJWs continue to police everyone - when something TRULY EVIL comes up - say, a cross burning or something, nobody will care!
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    The Blackangel

    Anyone else skateboard?

    I was never into skateboarding, but I was a pro-am snowboarder. I competed in several competitions. I usually did pretty well, and the guys competing were always super cool to each other. I was the only girl, but that didn't really matter to anyone. One guy tried to pick me up once, but I was spoken for at the time.
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