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    I noticed that @DylanC posted a topic "Games you love that no-one else likes" (LINK). But as far as I can tell, there was no thread for the opposite. Since every Ying needs a Yang I decided to start it myself. So here it is, a thread to bash the games that everyone seems to love that you can't stand. That particular game gets a bunch of praise from your fellow gamers and/or a ton of awards from critics and you can't figure out why. The games or genres that your friends are all playing that you can't get into. Maybe even an upcoming release that has everyone hyped, but your not interested and your sick of hearing about it! I'll start with a selection of mine: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor As a fan of open-world action games like Assassins Creed and as well as Lord of the Rings, this is a game that should have been right up my ally and seemed to please everyone else but I was VERY disappointed. What I expected from the trailers was a game where you where a lone Gonorian Ranger that would have to use stealth and strategy to combat the hordes of Orcs in Mordor. The game in truth is more like... actually no... EXACTLY like this! You were so ridiculously overpowered and the stealth detection was so hilariously broken that the only aspect that is any legitimate threat to you is you own lapsing concentration! You can sprint straight across open fields and through crowds still get stealth kills, be surrounded by and slaying dozens of enemies that will barley score any hits, they will lose track of you after breaking the line of sight for only a few of seconds and even if you do manage to die it doesn’t even matter since you are resurrected with the enemy Orcs raising level which you'll likely be welcoming. Then there's the story and characters which are even worse, their so bland and that an hour after playing I couldn’t even remember anything that happened except for the truly atrocious ending. How the fuck did this get an 8.0 user score on metacrtic? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild There is a lot of positive things to say about this game from it's visual and sound design, combat, brilliant AI, the fun puzzles and very well designed levels. But, it is also one of the most frustrating gaming experiences I have ever had in my entire life. For everything that is great, there is something else needlessly tedious or hair-pullingly annoying. Not to mention I blew about £300 on it, a Switch and accessories in order to play it! The most consistent complaint I hear is the breakable weapons and that is irritating but for me, the biggest was the sheer size and design of the map. It makes the simple process of going from A to B a total pain in the ass. Mounts are useless since there is a deep chasm, sheer cliff or a group of enemies a 10-second gallop in every direction forcing you to abandon it and when you do they don't back to their stables! I spent about 12 hours playing about 90% of which was on shrines and towers because the game didn't push me to do anything expect unlock more fast travel points and expand my stamina and health gauges. I'm sure with a lot of time there is an amazing game here but I didn't have the patience to find it. Burnout Paradise I was once a Burnout mega-fan and consider Burnout 3: Takedown one of the best racing games of all time if not THE best. So I was deeply saddened that the fifth (and as of now, last) main installment of the Burnout franchise replaced classic arcade racing with one very stupid idea which inexplicably stuck... MAKE IT OPEN WORLD! This was a move that I'm convinced to this day was done for no other reason than EA's sheer unfettered greed, forcing players to buy their own copy of the game in order to play together. Split-screen and Crash party... GONE! Instead, you drive across what's effectively an open-world menu completely wasting your time whenever you need to change your vehicle or start an event. Most consider Paradise a classic and will never be able to understand why. Well that's my contribution to pissing everyone off, how about you!
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    The Last of Us HBO Show

    As I just learned from @kingpotato, there is going to be a TV show on HBO based on The Last of Us. As best I can tell, it will specifically follow Ellie and Joel’s story, rather than being something else set in the same universe. My question to everyone here is, what do you all think about this? My initial reaction to putting TLOU on a screen (other than a video game screen is) is that it seems superfluous. I can’t imagine any movie or TV show based on TLOU getting anywhere near the intensity of the video game. Any other medium just sounds like a downgrade. But I am reassured that Neil Druckmann will be an executive producer and that he will do some writing on the series. If I’m not mistaken, even he seemed skeptical about adapting the game as a movie in the past. Being as he’s enthused about this—and an amazing writer—that is enough to convince me that it may be worth it after all. As a writer, I’ve learned so much from him, and I think this is a way I could learn more. There also could be ways to use this to fill in gaps and give us something other than just an overview of events we have played through. For example, there is a huge chunk of missing time between the escape from Pittsburgh and arrival at Jackson. There is no way that it was just an easy straight shot across the country. Just as Left Behind filled in a couple of time gaps, this could too. And just as Left Behind gave us more background on Ellie’s past (which I think is 100% essential to a full understanding and appreciation of the main game), this series could also tell us a lot more about both characters’ pasts. Are you excited about the HBO show? What would you want to see from the show? How could it add to the story and stand on its own rather than just being superfluous next to the game?
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone

    The free to play COD: Battle royale game is out today, but it will be kinda heavy for those who dont own modern warfare already, it will probably be a 83-101GB download https://www.vgr.com/battle-plunder-call-of-duty-warzone-game-modes/
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    I own this game on a PS4 slim and it look beautiful, I'm not a PC gamer but what I like about PC is that they can max out the graphics on almost any game, I would love to see how this game runs on a high spec PC, and also I cant wait to see the crazy mods xD
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    The Last of Us HBO Show

    Anime directors have knack of writing good stories if you give them chance so those two have a chance. I think devil may cry was even attempted with one such 3 episode anime plot. It wasn't bad.
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    The Last of Us HBO Show

    I was actully thinking more 2D animation, in the same style of Netflix's Castlevainia or Attack on Titan or somthing.
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    I’m partway into Old World Blues on Fallout NV for the first time. I love the dialogue, and that there is a whole new map area to explore, but I have to admit I am having a hard time with this DLC. I’m pretty useless without a companion and I forgot to bring ammo for my only decent gun. I’m level 90 or so on guns, but only like 35 for energy weapons, and almost nothing for melee. So far, I am bleeding supplies like crazy, burning through ammo, most of which doesn’t seem to be replaceable, and barely keeping pace with replacing stimpacks and foods. I am pretty sure I will make it through without running out of everything, but it will be tight. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make the most of my supplies, other than “run away and fast travel,” which has been my top strategy? I finally figured out last night I can use the “wait” function to regenerate health with that halo thingy on my head. @DylanC I know this is one of your favorite Fallout DLCs. And you're always awesome with suggestions :)
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    Last Game Played

    Blasphemous on PS4. It’s awesome!
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    Thanks for starting this thread. It’s a great idea! Hmm. A game that everyone seems to love that I don’t like? Yes, it has to be 2019’s Control. What a laborious game. Can’t believe how much praise it got from gaming press. It’s so damn boring to play, runs poorly, has an awfully written story that makes very little sense, has no meaningful atmosphere/tension, tedious exploration etc. I didn’t like it. And here’s my review: https://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/control-review/
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    I'm gonna pop my cherry

    Ahh. Someone should have warned you. Skyrim is probably the buggiest game ever made. Best advice is Save Often and Expect Bugs. Most of them are annoying or funny, but some of them are a real pain in the arse.
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    The Last of Us HBO Show

    My girlfriend told me about it, and honestly I think this thing is doable as it doesn't involve too much crazy stuff. Like the more complicated a game is the worse it translates to the movies. Warcraft was good cuz they were able to keep all the dragon battles and big bosses away from the movie, so they didn't have to us CGI a lot and make it look like complete garbage (lookin' at you Live Action Movie of Full Metal Alchemist).
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    Both them and Tenenbaum to me fell into the archetype of "indifferent scientist who grew a conscience." Arguably they are the voice of conscience in both games.
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