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  1. Don't you miss those days where they'd toss in a demo disc? I loved it. I had a subscription to PSM, which was a third party playstation mag. Sadly those did not come with demo discs like the actual PlayStation magazine did. I usually got gaming mags from my local grocery store. They used to sell older mags in bundles for a cheaper price, and I would buy those up. They did the same for comics, but a couple of the comics they literally remove the cover. So you'd get like 3 comics and one or two of them don't have the cover and back. But I built a small comic collection back then that way.
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  2. Kane99

    Warzone Mobile?

    Eh probably not. Was never a big fan of the warzone side of COD. Always felt anxiety trying to play those battle royale games. I'd rather play the standard multiplayer modes in COD games if I do play. idk, I can play games like Fortnite, but Warzone, isn't for me. Plus, the people who play warzone take it way too seriously.
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