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    DC reacted to Alexander. in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    Today, I have fulfilled your offer by the following the steps above. Please find attached a screenshot attached to this post that contains proof of completion. Thank you again, for the free daily points and I look forward to the total amount  being credited shortly. 

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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    12:55 PM
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    DC reacted to Shagger in Volcanoids for Steam   
    You know what, I'll take one.
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    DC reacted to Alexander. in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    Thank you for the continuing this noble offer. Moments ago, I have completed all of the steps again, at 17:40 on 22/05/2020. Please find attached a screenshot which confirms this information. 

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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    9:53 AM
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    DC reacted to DylanC in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
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    DC reacted to Dead2009 in Post here when you get your reward   
    Snagged a XBox beta code for Kartrider: Drift
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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    4:56 PM
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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Red Wings: Aces of the Sky for Nintendo Switch   
    I just saw Red Wings and instantly thought of my boys on the ice. It never occurred to me to read the rest of the post title.
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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    10:37 AM
    If I did it right. The ad is supposed to load in Steam right?
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    DC reacted to Shagger in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    Around 10:42, but not completely sure.
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    DC reacted to Alexander. in Earn 25 Points Per Day [Limited Time]   
    Time: 19:40 (UK Time) Date: 20/05/2020 25 Points Pending Thank you for the generous offer! I have clicked on the banner and Crucible took me to the advertisement on Steam. It seems an interesting game to me - I'll look into purchasing this after I've finished watching the game trailer. 
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    DC got a reaction from kingpotato in Auction No. 13- Bid for Geralt Grandmaster Feline The Witcher 3 Figure - Courtesy of Fun.com   
    @StaceyPowers in the lead with 800 Points.
    This is a very cool statue - must have for Witcher fans.
    Get your bids in!
    @Shagger @Crazycrab @kingpotato @killamch89 @Executor Akamia @Dead2009 @The Blackangel
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    DC reacted to Shagger in What game had you excited and went beyond your expectations?   
    When one gets hyped up and exited about something, it's setting yourself up to either meet your hopes or a letdown. It's physiologically very difficult to be overly impressed by something you were exited for. So, to be honest, I can't of a game that really did that. Before the Internet, there was very little to go on to build expectations at all, so I could use games like Zelda: OOT, Mario 64 or something like that because really did make my draw drop and say "WOW", but that would honestly be cheating because I wasn't really in a place to have any real expectations at all. I think modern games journalism and social media has spoiled us, we just learn too much about upcoming titles to be that surprised any more.
    Still, there is a game that does fit the pattern for me.

    This gem form Ninja Theory turned into an exception to the afore stated "spoiled by media" rule because there is no trailer or review that could really prepare for you this game. It's the most psychologically uncomfortable experience I have ever had in media, and that is its brilliance.
    You play as Senua, a Celtic warrior suffering from severe psychosis and schizophrenia who delves literally into the Viking Hel in search of the soul of her dead lover... or is it all in her head? And yes, she carries HIS head with her.
    First note, play the game. Second note. Wear a decent headset or set of headphones when you do. The game uses an advance form of stereo audio that, when you wear headphones, you literally feel the voices in her head. It's terrifying, but appropriate to make you understand what people in these situations go through. They actually partnered with and supported a number of mental health charities and mental health experts to make this experience as real, but respectful and informative as possible. This clearly meant a lot to the developers as seen about a year after the game out. A lot of games celebrate their acclaim with an "Accolades" trailer to show some of the awards the game has received. Well, despite winning a lot of awards, let's just say the normal "Accolades" wasn't what they had decided on...
    Back to the game, It's beautiful. One of the best looking games over the last few years. Very dark, very grim in style, but also incredibly detailed. When you consider this was made on a very limited budget, that means something. Speaking of low budget, the starring voice over role, and voice over award winner that year for this role, was Melina Juergens (Also nominated was Ashley Burch for her role as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and Kiefer Sutherland for his role as Snake in MGS5... think about that for a moment.) and holy shit she deserves it. But who is she? A voice actress starting out, a drama student they could hire inexpensively, a non-union actor? No. She is in fact, the video editor for Ninja Theory's (Developer) public relations department. I'm not kidding, she was an in-house screen test they decided to keep, and why not, she was fantastic. They even went to the lengths to redesign the character model to suit her motion capture and physique.
    The story is compelling, I've never felt for a character more. She's a desperate, tortured, yet fiercely determined and intelligent soul. Her goal is simple, but not simple to achieve and you're right there with her. It's almost as if you're not role-playing as her, but one of those voices in her head, encouraging her and willing her own instead of some the others that are, well, more doubtful.
    In terms of gameplay, her mental ill health actually serves the mechanics. Between combat sections, that are simple, but satisfying and daunting and offer a fair challenge, the game is mostly broken up by puzzle sections where Senua see's patters, shapes and solutions that most people wouldn't see. It's unique, clever and very well researched. It may only be 8 hours of gameplay with little replay value, but that was reflected in the price. Even new it was half the cost of a brand-new AAA game. Still, it's 8 hours you'll never forget and everyone becomes better for it. There is another thing that piles on the pressure in combat and very brave choice the developers made. A permadeath. Die to many times and/or to quick in succession, and you have to start all over again. I'll just let that dangle there...
    If you haven't yet, play this game. If you don't want to? Play it anyway. You need it even more than you know.
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    DC reacted to Shagger in What game had you excited and went beyond your expectations?   
    I respect you too much to lie to you, so I'll give it to you straight. You're haven't been an easy person to interact with on these forums. It does take a very deliberate amount of patience to do so. However, you are, with all due respect to our other members, the most inspiring and enjoyable person to interact with here. You're unique, amazing and witty beyond compare. You have spoken of your "demons"  before, and it was my previous experience of playing Hellbade that helped teach me to interact with people who face these challenges and regard them with a new level of respect. Still, we all carry a certain amount of ignorance and if that brought me to a point where I said something to hurt you then please accept my apology. Your amazing and wonderful, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    I don't feel right knowing you plan to pawn something to buy this game, so please DM me about that and I would be honoured to help. That's not out of sympathy, it's just what feels right for me. Consider it a “Thank You”.
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    DC reacted to kingpotato in Post here when you get your reward   
    Thank you VGR

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    DC reacted to Micky Singh in Minimum length for a good gaming session?   
    Minimum good gaming sessions is for me 6 hours nonstop without a single break, even not leave your game for food. 
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    DC reacted to Shagger in Official Pro Wrestling Discussion Thread   
    Fake is the wrong word. Scripted, pre-planned, a show, stunting, yes, but nobody goes through the kind of risk, injuries, pain and wear and tear on their bodies that pro-wrestlers do by doing something "fake".
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    DC reacted to Karulean in Hi there   
    Hello there,
    I am Karulean, and I love to play PC games, I unfortunately do not have console, I wish I did. But I play League of Legends on my PC, and I love watching NBA.
    I also manage a large community server full of NBA fans with 7k members 🙂 
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    DC reacted to Dead2009 in The "More Terrifying" Thread   
    The way this thread works is you start off by posting what would terrify you more between 2 subjects, the person after you would reply and they would name off 2 more subjects etc. I'll start off by giving an example:

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    DC got a reaction from kingpotato in Last Game Played   
    Playing PUBG Mobile this afternoon.
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    DC reacted to Family sedan in I'm officially retiring from gaming   
    It was nice knowing you, Blackangel.
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    DC got a reaction from Shagger in VGR Member of the Month - April 2020   
    250 awarded to each.
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    DC reacted to The Blackangel in Americans: Check The Status Of Stimulus Checks   
    I was sent this link through a text earlier to check the status of the stimulus checks we're supposed to be getting. It should spit out a date for when your check is estimated to come. If you're curious check it out.
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    DC reacted to Dhruvguy in newbie here hi all   
    Greetings All,
    I was referred here by a friend. Here to learn and contribute to the forum 😛
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