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  1. Hmmm tricky one! The one thing that made me extremely happy, even though it wasn't an instant doing was how I managed to fix my sleeping schedule after 7 years of struggling with insomnia. Nothing is better than not feeling tired all day and losing all day because you're sleeping πŸ˜›
  2. Phantasmagoria 2. I think I might need therapy after this sick game hahahahaah
  3. Which is your favorite hour of the day?
  4. Which was your favorite trip ever? Or favorite sighting!
  5. Short but sweet! Great introduction to Phantom Pain and that's a steal
  6. Hey Dylan! What are some of your favorite indie games?
  7. Slay the Spire and Kentucky Route Zero. Also, has This War of Mine released yet? I want to replay that one too!
  8. I didn't even know him up until now πŸ˜„ If you have a cool persona and know a thing or two about gaming you can sure get some money out of it. If you think that Ninja alone gets approximately $500.000 per month by streaming Fortnite, you can see the bigger picture πŸ˜›
  9. This is the place for us to share our collections, our setup and merchantise that anyone might have. I'll be sharing mine soon, even though, I don't own much πŸ˜„ Do feel free to share with us your own gaming collection!
  10. For me it's MGS V. I don't think I'll ever get over it. However, after the first playthrough the magic of not knowing what happens is lost πŸ˜›
  11. I haven't used it but wouldn't recommend it either. Facebook still isnt the perfect platform for gamers. If you want to IRL stream then go ahead. I would recomment Youtube or Twitch if you want to stream games πŸ˜›
  12. I don't agree with the anxiety study. I believe that the only reason that happens is because it makes you forget you about your worries. However, when you stop playing it hits you back a million times more. Gaming still has sooo much to offer. Makes you sharper, more aware of what happens around you and helps you cope with situations that you wouldn't know what to do in reality. So yeah, too many positive aspects to think about πŸ˜„
  13. I do too! Gaming is good but when done within limits. I don't think gamers that like single player titles do have to worry about it. Players that have an obsession with games like LoL, CS or Fortnite should really try spending a day or two away to find out if they have an addition to it.
  14. The Walking Dead from Telltales. That game is filled with emotional scenes :''(
  15. My only form of cheating was spoofing in Pokemon GO. I wanted to know how it works and find raids with people since noone plays around my area πŸ˜„ I was so tired of roaming around just to find 0 player raids
  16. Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters! I love going back to both every now and then
  17. Hmmm I haven't traveled much but I love a food they have in Serbia called Karageorgeva. It is basically like a snitchel but with cheese and ham inside. I also like the turkish Giaourtlu. It is meatloaf with tomato sauce and yoghurt. Both those are two of my favorite dishes πŸ˜„ As for desert, I love everything with syrup related to Turkey. They know how to make good sweets πŸ˜›
  18. You might have heard about the diss tracks going around among those two! I'll post the songs below and you choose the winner!
  19. I would follow the same. However, we would need guns and I don't think my markets have knives and such. So I would get the car and drive to IKEA. That will keep me safe and give me a bed and a kitchen to cook πŸ˜„
  20. man... I've been thinking for the last 20 minutes and all I can think of is Bob! And then it hit me! Backstab
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