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  1. To be fair, nobody has really seen much of the game at all. Although they even said a while ago that they're not involved with Konami or Kojima.
  2. But they had nothing to show off, so it felt like a waste of time.
  3. So after waiting hours for Blue Box Game Studios to update the app after that technical problem, all we got was that tease they already posted on Twitter. It's basically a guy with jeans and a green jacket, walking across a floor for a few seconds. You cannot see his face. Big deal, right?
  4. I am disappointed, as is about 73469238 other people. Unfortunately, I doubt it's a revival of the long dead Silent Hill series.
  5. I already have a physical Wii-U copy of the game, as I bought this overpriced collector's box set years ago. But I never invested in a Wii-U. This means that, no. I never played it. While I'm here, stay tuned about Abandoned. Blue Box Studios should have more about it today. Did you know this is technically set in the same universe as Dead or Alive?
  6. The second game was out in 2017, and so far, there has been no news about a third game. I really like the franchise. But I don't understand the whole STEM thing in it, really.
  7. Interesting. 🤔 https://gamingbolt.com/it-looks-like-bloober-team-is-working-on-three-unannounced-games
  8. So, Bloober Team worked on [i]Layers of Fear[/i] and [i]The Medium[/i]. However, the latter game has no combat. They would have to add in combat, or I reckon sales for the game will tank. No [i]Silent Hill[/i] title besides [i]Play Novel[/i] and [i]Shattered Memories[/i] never had the misfortune of not including any weapons. EDIT: I have a wonky mouse connected to an Android TV box, so I cannot be arsed fixing this post. 😞
  9. I use an Android TV box sometimes, and I don't know how to copy and paste on it. Well, text is fine. Not links. It's supposed to be Ctrl, then C and V.
  10. The link shows up as text, instead of being an actual link.
  11. I just hope they do a great job of it. I wouldn't want Konami to think, "Well, fans haven't had a new game in years, so here you go!" I'm not saying it has to be quite triple A quality, but it may as well be, giving the patience we have displayed since Silent Hills was cancelled. It's a well loved franchise, after all. 😂 With Capcom taken Resident Evil in a more action heavy and all out bizarre direction, it would be nice to get back to basics. @Shagger, sometimes links don't work for me for some reason, so that's why I didn't add one. Normally I do on any other forums I use. 😎
  12. Silent Hill could very well be on the way back to us! 🤑
  13. I think it's like being back in Silent Hill, actually. Hopefully, both series are revived real soon... :)
  14. The spin off Resident Evil game, with Rebecca Chambers, was why I tuned in. By the way, something must be going on with Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill. https://www.denofgeek.com/games/new-silent-hill-game-abandoned-blue-box-hasan-kahraman-hideo-kojima-youtube-conspiracy/
  15. I use Opera on my Android smartphone.
  16. In my opinion, Harry Mason was like the Ethan Winters of 1999. 😄 Moderator Edit: I see you're still having trouble embedding YouTube videos @Candy Stick. May I ask what bowser you use to access the site? I just have a feeling that could be the first to figuring out what's wrong.
  17. If you happen to still own a PS2, I highly recommend you give both Obscure games a shot. They have local co-op included. 🙀
  18. So, Resident Evil Village is getting DLC at some point, according to what Capcom confirmed at E3. I hope it will be about Rosemary Winters. 🥰
  19. All the tea in China, guys. ;)
  20. It's all due to Joel, and Abby being all manly.
  21. Probably my sitting room, but my flat looks like a warehouse with all the DVDs I buy. 😛 Does anybody use data on their phone rather than paying for a broadband contract? I pay for unlimited data for only £35 per month, but my signal constantly drops to H+ when it should display 4G with a better connection. But that's a major downside to using 4G. It's better outdoors. I heard you can get a device called a repeater, which apparently improves the signal.
  22. I've had people mock me because I support that game, but believe me: I love that game. Naughty Dog is capable of creating gaming gold. So yeah. We all know as to why people hate on the game. But that's just a few aspects.
  23. Now that I think about it, Resident Evil Village has terrible writing. I mean, it flat out sucks. Not to mention that Resident Evil is STILL an action saga at heart, with snippets of horror. Despite all this crap that Capcom tells you, I recommend you just play them, knowing it's a flavor of the week thing now that won't hold up. The 2002 remake is a primary example of HOW you do a horror game, and a remake at that. Nothing even compares to that game for scares. Nothing. Except maybe Silent Hill.
  24. First person horror seems to be the norm now, but I can't say I'm keen on playing games where you don't see who you're playing as. I'm talking about you, Ethan Winters. 😁 I'll always prefer third person. It's kind of silly seeing other playable characters in cutscenes, yet not Ethan. Not to mention games where you mostly run around, or hide.
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