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  1. I wish I knew, quite frankly. The article said nothing. But it is Capcom. They probably just paid her a ton of their money. I think the makers of other games could attempt to sue them too. But there is some things you can copy that you cannot copyright, even if it is obviously copying. It would have to be more precise. Like if an enemy looked the same rather than just behaving the same, that is a different matter entirely. I gave several examples already. In fact, I was talking to a guy I know on the phone recently who was spot on. He agreed that they just look at whatever is trending, and decide to steal ideas, and that is how the industry operates if you are working among money grabbers. It has cheapened their legacy. Shinji Mikami surely doesn't support this garbage. Also, the lies about RE8 being another action focused entry in the series, because 7 was reportedly "too scary" for players in VR, or something, is a very odd thing to say. But that's a lame excuse. Really, very lame. Survival horror games are supposed to be scary. Duh. So why they said that, no idea. You can tell they knew RE8 was a copy of RE4, and they knew RE8 would not be seen as being anything other than action horror.
  2. So I just finished watching RE: Woke Raccoon City (not it's actual title, of course). I think they did a good job being faithful in some regards, and messed up in other ways. Really liked the orphanage scenes and the mansion. But the two plots run concurrently. Some things I didn't like was that Wesker didn't have his sunglasses... until Ada shows up in the mid-credits scene. Also, they replaced Barry with Richard Aiken, who was in the games, but as a member of the STARS Bravo Team. Oh, dear...
  3. Remember Capcom's legal issues from last year? 💣 Well... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-02-08-capcom-lawsuit-over-stolen-resident-evil-photos-resolved
  4. I came across Welcome to Raccoon City yesterday. Since I needed it for my top ten horror movies collection, I decided to purchase it. Not that I cared much for the Paul Anderson movies of the past. Has anyone seen it yet? Why is Jill now Hispanic? 🤪
  5. I will remain a fan of RE. But I don't want them messing it up anymore. To be honest, though, I think The Last of Us is a better series, despite only having two titles. You can tell Naughty Dog doesn't half-bake their products. Imagine if Capcom took 7 years to develop an open world RE masterpiece. But they won't. That's too ambitious, when their aim is to release new games annually, or at least every other second year.
  6. Truth be told, I was considering giving up talking about RE, maybe on the 14th. I'll make that my last day. I reckon I won't stick to it. But one reason I think I ought to quit, is that I think a lot of people on the Internet don't even support the older titles, and only like RE4 onwards, or RE7. So me posting the same old statements is like beating a dead horse. Plus, I don't like donating to this one particular guy on YouTube anymore. When I donate on YouTube, I don't feel appreciated much now. And I don't really play a wide range of games either. Also had loads of personal issues. But I can't talk about that.
  7. The only good parts in those Wii games was the behind the scenes scenarios where you got to see how Umbrella was defeated. But it was on rails, so meh. Since that time, Capcom has just kept on dropping hints about Umbrella being back, so fans of the old ones will think they'll go somewhere with that, which is something they'll keep you waiting to see so you'll keep buying games for to hopefully see how this will unfold. But to me, I think it's a tactic they use to drag it on forever. At least, I believe so. That, and they will also just keep remaking stuff.
  8. Their first attempt at a "remake" was when a CV section was included in the sequel to The Umbrella Chronicles, entitled The Darkside Chronicles. But it was more bland in comparison to the original, because it had funny parts, and the story was different. Of course, they're surely going to put in more effort for a proper remake to go underway. But that was honestly terrible. Take a look.
  9. I know they're probably going to half-ass it, but there is a small chance they wont do it quite as badly. For I hope they can see that RE3 was a prime example of how NOT to screw up a classic. Of course, I do expect changed plot aspects regardless, and missing enemy types. Because well, that's how Capcom is nowadays. Since they refer to games now as a reimagining, I guess they consider it okay to leave out stuff. Even RE8 is just a repeat of 4. I know RE8 was supposed to be their way of hyping people up, but when you copy your own games now, that's not a good sign. In my personal opinion though, I don't like RE8. It feels like a fantasy game. An unintentional comedy, if you will. That's just not RE, in my eyes. But I hope the DLC at least entertains me, because I haven't had any great games to play now for the better part of a year.
  10. Well, I don't even think the real RE4 remake is coming any month soon. All of the hearsay was just speculation anyway. It would make more sense to remake CV first. If they did RE4 first, that wouldn't make any sense, because CV is set in 1998. I think, if I had to hazard a guess here, that CV will come in 2023 and RE4 in 2025, to match the release date of the original. Also, the original RE4 was out in Japan in January of 2005. So it's just a hunch, going by their habit of releasing games in January. Although RE8 was out in May, but the pandemic probably had an impact on why that happened this way. God. I said 2015. Oops. 😝
  11. I think Capcom has delayed the DLC for RE8. I'm eager to see what the heck it's about, but they haven't posted any updates since E3 last summer. Meanwhile... I think this may interest some people who love RE4. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2022/2/1/22911418/resident-evil-4-hd-project-remaster-release-date-install-download
  12. The movies are a bit similar to the games, but more so loosely connected. I didn't like the portrayal of some of the game to big screen adaptions of the characters. For example, they made Barry into a wuss. But they are okay movies if you just like them as general movies with zombies, and over the top action.
  13. Unlike RE4 though, I think Revelations 2 was a way more atmospheric third person horror game upon its release. It actually felt creepy in parts, even if other protagonists were helping you. Definitely a very underrated game. But what I don't get is how RE6 is universally panned, when that's a game that gave you more control, and while it was action heavy, it was about a virus, and the plot even had zombies in Leon's campaign. So I don't get how 4 and 5 are praised, while 6 is rarely talked about anymore. 4 and 5 were about the Las Plagas, but that point in RE's history didn't have anything to do with the previous games about Umbrella. Somehow, Capcom just worked a strange story around that, and introduced classic characters again. But besides that, there was little resemblance to any older RE game like CV, or Zero.
  14. After Revelations 2, I was briefly pleased that they were gradually getting back on form. But I don't know if they will follow up to that game. It's one of my favourites now...
  15. CV is a very long game. It feels like RE2 in a way, as you spend a good portion of the game as one character, before changing to the other one, with a third character briefly controllable. That being Steve Burnside. If Capcom officially remade it, they would have to take into account the approach to making it just as lengthy.
  16. I have completely lost interest in talking about Resident Evil these days. To me, it's a dead franchise. It became that way because of the changes since 2005. Once they zapped away the identity it had to start off with, because they just wanted to follow the latest trends, they just made it become so silly. It's not really dead, though, as they still make games. But it's just when you look at where it all started in 1996 to where it's ended up, I don't know. It's kind of just a pile of nonsense in my eyes. But hey. Why should Capcom care anyway? They just laugh all the way to the bank.
  17. What do you think of the RE sub-forums over at GameFAQs? Trying to have a logical conversation, chat or whatever with those users, is a lost cause. You can tell that these members likely never even tried any of the games with the fixed camera perspective, going by all the shilling they do on there. It's rather telling, to be honest. After you post, they reply with all of this nonsense, accusing you of having an alternate account. Like, really? I don't need to sign up multiple profiles to attempt to win a debate with GameFAQs of all sites, as that's classed as cheating and is really incredibly pointless. Oh my Lord.
  18. RE4 is a fun action game, even if it does feel dated. But in terms of the overall plot, I have never been a big fan of RE4, because they it moved the franchise away from its horror origins, and killed off Umbrella in an unsatisfactory way. On the other hand, it probably saved the franchise, because I think horror by itself is a very niche genre, and action games have a broader audience. So Capcom kind of sold out, but it was beneficial for the future of the series. Had they kept doing games in the same manner, they'd be like Konami just now. So take the rough with the smooth. It was maybe a necessary decision. Now that Capcom was back on form with RE7, they made RE8 into action again. They said that it's because people found RE7 too scary, but I don't really believe that is something the vast majority would proclaim. People actually wanted RE to go back to the horror stuff, because RE4, 5 and 6 were devoid of the atmosphere of the older titles. So you can probably guess that RE8 is almost identical to RE4 because of the action oriented approach 4 utilised, so of course nobody would find it scary because they contrast with each other. To me, I think they just needed something to say if anybody asked Capcom upfront why 8 is the polar opposite to the style of 7. But this begs the question: What will they do for RE9? Will it be horror, action, or both?
  19. So what was the last RE game any of you played, and which entry do you like the most? For me, it's RE2 because it's overall just greatness. But I think the best looking one and the scariest one, is the first remake from 2002. That's nearly 20 years old, in fact. But hey, I don't mind that one bit.
  20. Sometimes, copying something can pay off. The Asylum is a company that makes "mockbuster" films, to slag off pop culture. Yet very occasionally, they can release something worthwhile. Like for example, Z Nation is supposed to be a copy of The Walking Dead with hardly any of the budget of the AMC series, but it has its fans. Me personally, I like it loads. But with Capcom, I guess I can see why they feel they need to stay relevant. They are in the top ten video games developers lists just about everywhere online, no doubt, so they cannot keep producing the exact same thing and end up boring. Even so, though. When you do something that's copying, it can feel shallow, because it doesn't seem all that original when you cut and paste everything across...
  21. Remember when Ash and Misty found Brock, and when they asked about his time with Professor Ivy, he would say, "That name" out of annoyance? 😅 Something went on us between them. Poor guy!
  22. I don't know if they can. Putting a winter section in the game where you hunt rabbits is not really something you can add copyright to. The same with the enemies. They just do similar things. So not sure how it would hold up in court. Like, I don't think John Carpenter could prosecute everybody who makes a slasher film, insisting they are blatantly copying his work, because of a similar concept. Capcom will exploit these loopholes any way they can. I don't play a wide range of games, but after I heard what people were saying on YouTube, I discovered gamers had made similar discoveries to my own, further proving they just follow the latest trends.
  23. I'm not on my laptop just now, so it's hard to compose this message with screenshots and stuff, but here's a few videos for comparison. It's hard to find the exact points for everything I talked about, as people just post the gameplay without specifying the parts. But trust me - Capcom copied Naughty Dog...
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